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Leauge needs a sucubus!

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I was thinking the other day that league needs a succubus. With all these exotically drawn women why not go for broke and create the most seductive and alluring creature of all mythology a succubus.....with a whip as a weapon.

what kind of ability would you give this champion?

Passive: after X seconds after auto attack the champion next auto attack does double damage

Q: next auto attack brands the enemy champion (increased damage against target)

W: sucks life from target (DOT)

E: turns whip into a cat-nine (increasing damage and attack speed)

R: champion sucks Life from all enemies around her buffing her and her allies.

some might be a little OP, but they all feel very succubus like. (and different from the HON version)

anyone else got any ideas?

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Don't post ideas if you don't plan on using them. Chances are it will never be the same unless you do it. :3

But regards to the idea the closest existing champion to your idea would be Ahri...And Cassiopeia before she went all slithery.