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Elrick - The Cursed Armsman

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Note: Please give me suggestions if you think he is too op or too weak in certain areas.
Elrick - The Cursed Armsman


-Gender: Male
-Race: Human/Spirit
-Origin: Demacia
-Alliance: Good
-Class: AD Carry
-Subclass: AD Carry
-Weapon: Runic Sword/ Encanted Scarf
-Attack Type: Hybrid (Melee and Ranged)
-Energy Source: Fury

Elrick is a high dps Bruiser and Pusher who can excel in 1 v 1 but can also support his team in teamfights using his W and can chase down weaker opponents with his ult. Using his w in combination with his other abilities gives him extra survivability and allows him to initiate somewhat safetly in teamfights. His q can be used as an escape ability, as can his ult, but his ult requires him to have a high amount of rage to do so, making it harder to get away at times. His q does allow him to go over thin walls. He would be most useful as either a jungler or top lane champion.


Passive (Cursed Mind): Elrick uses the Rage meter, his Rage meter consists of 4 segments of 50 Rage each that allow him to use all of his abilities in a chain to get ready for teamfights if he farms a little first. When Elrick's health is 50% or lower he channels dark power into an attack damage boost of 2 attack damage per 50 health that increases the closer he is to 0 and stops increasing when he gets to 25% of max health. Each autoattack he uses will gain 10 rage. while abilities used when the rage requirement is not met will also gain rage. Attacks on champions give him 20 Rage that increases to 25 when he drops below 50% health.

Q (Darkness Slam): Elrick dashes forward and slams the ground with his sword, and root them in place for 0.75 seconds. When he reaches rage requirements he channels dark power that increases the range of the dash and grants a small amount of armor penetration.

-Type: Skillshot
-Amount: 100/115/130/145/160
-Stun Time: 0.5/0.55/0.60/0.70/0.75
-Armor Penetration: 5%
-Range: 525 or 600
-Cost: 0 or 1 Rage bar
-Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6
-Target Type: Enemy, Minion

W (Dark Shroud): Note: this ability requires rage, Elrick channels dark energy and whips the scarf he wears around himself and creates a shield to block incoming AP damage. With max rage the scarf will heal him if he gets hit after subtracting the heal percentage with damage taken. If used nearby friendly units, it will boost their attack speed and increase the health percentage on Elrick.

-Type: Aura
-Amount: Heal: 40/50/60/70/80 (+.3 of current AP)
-Buff: Attack speed of 25% to nearby allies.
-Buff: Heal increased by 2% per nearby allies.
-Duration: 5 seconds
-Cost: 0 or 1 Rage bar
-Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12 Seconds
-Target Type: Himself

E (Tainted Justice) Elrick is granted a ranged auto attack and increased attack speed, with the required rage requirements it will increase damage each hit, followed by less for each consecutive hit afterwards.

-Type: Steroid
-Amount: Heal (50/60/70/80/90)
-Buff/Debuff Type: Is granted a ranged attack.
-Duration: 10 seconds
-Cost: 0 or 1 Rage Bar
-Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6

R (Shroud of Eternal Darkness): Elrick releases a ghost that will seek the targeted champion, if it hits the champion Elrick will be able to re-activate his ult and will teleport behind his target. Upon hitting his target he will deal a flat amount of damage and will have increased movement speed and attack speed for 5 seconds. If he activates his ult once more he will be teleported to the nearest friendly champion. If he does not use his teleport, the cooldown will be reduced by 15%

-Type: Targeted
-Amount Damage: 150/200/250
-Buff: Attack Speed of 50% Movement speed of 10%
-Buff: 50 Rage
-Cooldown: 120/110/100
-Range of Ghost: 1400 / 1700 / 2200
-Cost: None
-Target Type: Enemy

{Base Stats}

-Base Health: 426 (+87)
-Base Attack Damage: 54 (+2.75)
-Base Attack Speed: 0.665 (+2.65%)
-Attack Range:Melee + Ranged
-Base Armor: 15.2 (+3.8)
-Magic Resistance: 30 (+1.25)
-Movement Speed: 345


-Height: Similar to Riven
-Physical Build: Dark Being, thin but imposing
-Eye color: Glowing White
-Weapons: Enchanted Sword/ Scarf
-Attire: Runic Armor
-Other: Wears a Scarf around his Neck, color is red. Parts of his armor is broken and worn down from years of use. His right arm lacks a sleeve and you can see a hand made of darkness. When he unsheathes his sword the darkness transforms his sword. His eyes are 2 round disks, both half hidden by his helmet giving him a dull looking expression.
Although Elrick utilizes the powers of Darkness, he is actually a good guy. Which is why many people outside of the League who don't see him as a hero, but as a villain.

[B](Concept Art Soon!)


Elrick used to be an apprentice to Durand, he made sure Durand was always well prepared and stocked on all the items he used to encahant anything he wanted. He took part in the creation of Galio and also taught him how to dance and became good friends with the gargoyle. One day, Durand needed to go with Galio on a trip. Durand told him to take an unfinished suit of enchanted runic armor and put it into storage. A few days later, word reached him that Durand had been killed on his journey. Elrick felt despair for the loss of his mentor. And ran away in order to continue studying Durands work, which has since become forbidden. On his journey, he was attacked by Bandits and found shelter in a cave in the mountains. Knowing the Bandits were close behind him, he donned the enchanted armor he had taken with him, and the unfinished enchantments made by Durand bound his soul to the armor for all eternity. After killing the Bandits, the darkness that eminated from the enchantments made his body disappear, and the only thing left behind was darkness. A few years later, he got word that his friend Galio was still alive and realized that he was fighting in the League of Legends. He headed towards the League to join his friend, so he could fight alongside him till one of them met their fates on the Fields of Justice.


-Champion Selection: I'll show them my Power...
-Movement Quotes: Heading there now. If you wish Summoner. Let's do this. For Durand... and Galio. Darkness will be my guide.
-Attacking Quotes: I'll handle this. They won't stand a chance. They will fuel my enchantments. This is the end for them.
-Q Use: Take This!
-W Use: You can't kill me!
-E Use: Running is useless!
-R Use: Ha!
-Taunts: I'll send you to oblivion!
-Jokes: I lost my sense of humor when I lost my body... sorry...
-Recall: I'm going back, please buy the right items summoner...
-Champion Interactions:
Galio- Same Team - Galio, long time no see! --Enemy Team - Never thought we'd fight eachother, not that you can beat me or anything...
Zed- I'm the REAL master of shadows!
Nocturne- You'll strengthen my enchantments nicely...

I hope you enjoy this idea! I would love to see this made real!

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Please give me suggestions on what I could add or take out!

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Veridian Magma

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First off: A bruiser/pusher/ADC? That's too strong, doesn't work. Bruiser and pusher, but not an ADC.

secondly: his W (i don't think there's a script to differentiate between an AD and AP champ. (it's magic damage or physical damage)

Overall it seems 2 of his abilities heal him, he doesn't have any mana so his sustainability in lane is immense, and he gains shields which prevent him from taking damage. He has (up to 4) dashes, a knock up, healing abilities, life steal, shields, attack speed increases, and a ranged attack with the use of an ability. Plus one ability gives armor and magic resist up to 70 (equivalent to leona's W)

Overall he's OP as hell, and needs some skill nerfs. (besides, is he a support or a freaking bruiser?)

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Griff That Otter



I agree with the guy above, bump!