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Stil - The Desert Shaman (January MCCC)

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Stil, the Desert Shaman

Gender - Male
Race - Human
Origin - Shiruma Desert
Alliance - Uknown (seemingly good)
Class: Fighter
Subclass: Tank
Weapon: Crystal dagger
Attack Type: Melee
Energy Source: Energy

Stil is a jungle capable top lane champion who is well equipped for the grueling battle of attrition that is well known in both roles. He combines a ranged harass with a strong shield to stand up in skirmishes. His third ability can be used as a way in or a way out, giving him either a strong escape or a solid gank assistance. He scales well with HP and AD items. Note that Stils abilities give him lots of in game presence, he is tailored to have an ability for most situations, a damaging ranged harass, a shield and a gap closer/escape tool. Depending on the game leveling up the correct ability gives him flexibility on the team that is further complimented by his ultimate. His final ability allows him to cast any other ability but with much greater effect.

Quick Ability Overview

Passive - Extra attack damage for each nearby enemy.

Q - Ranged single target damage with light slow, can be fired multiple times with decreasing effect.

W -Shield that if not destroyed casts an Aoe defuff when its duration is up.

E - Passive damage reduction, Activate for a movement and attack buff.

R - Empowers next ability with additional effects.


Passive - Crystal Knife - Stils weapon is an imbued crystal knife. It grows stronger as needed by increasing his attack damage by 5/7.5/10 (at level 1/7/13) for every enemy champion nearby or 3/5/7 (at 1/7/13) for each nearby neutral monster (200 range). The knife glows an ever brighter blue as this buff takes effect. Note, once a stack is established by enemy or monster a stack of Crystal Knife persists for five seconds (example monster dies or enemy leaves range).

This has a number of uses on Stil. It makes him stronger depending on the size of the teamfight, it allows him to jungle effectively, and because of the glowing effect he can check brush for nearby enemies without walking into them (just not so well in the jungle!).

Q - Clockwork Pistol - Stil fires a magic dart out of his spring loaded pistol applying a Thumper debuff revealing the target and slowing them by 20% for 3 seconds. The targeted enemy also takes 15/40/65/90/115 (+0.8 ad) as magic damage. The clockwork pistol can be fired up to two more times during its regular cooldown, with each consecutive shot dealing 33% less damage and at 33% less range, each additional hit applies or refreshes the Thumper debuff for an additional 1.5 seconds. Firing the pistol this way adds 4 seconds to its cooldown. Stils attacks against an enemy effected by Thumper refund him 25 energy per hit.
Costs - 75/70/65/60/55 (then 25 for each additional shot)
Cooldown - 8 seconds (up to 16 seconds.)
Range - 600This is Stils ranged harass in lane. It is also the beginning of his combo (see below with thumper). If used at the right time, it will allow you to get off all three spells much faster by refunding enough energy for his third ability in a combo. If played correctly Stil can slow you then use his speed burst to catch up enough to land his second (and thus shorter ranged Clockwork Pistol after that auto attacking to make up for the huge energy cost.
As for how this spell would work; You fire it normally and the icon begins its normal cooldown blueish cycle but with the number 2 superimposed over it. If you choose to fire it again that number becomes a one, and the cooldown grows by four seconds, after firing for the third and final time, its a normal spell on cooldown (with another additional 4 seconds).

W - Hardsuit - The harsh reality of Stils native environment has made his people strong. His armour doubles as a survival suit and when needed can supply a rejuvenating boost. Stil activates his amour gaining a shield that absorbs 70/140/210/280/350 (+0.8ap) for 3 seconds. If the shield dissipates without being broken, the quick ionization of the surrounding atmosphere lowers nearby enemies attack speed by 70% that slowly decays over 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds.
Costs - 100/105/110/115/120
Cooldown - 20/19/18/17/16 seconds
Range - Self
Range (AS debuff) - 300This ability allows Stil to trade damage in lane or in the jungle. One point is very effective in the jungle. By late game this shield allows him to soak up even powerful bursts on his way into battle. It also works as an indirect taunt, making enemies want to attack your shield, this can be powerful in a team fight pulling damage towards your shield and away from your teams primary dps champions.

E - Sand Walker - Shurima nomads are hardy, agile fighters used to braving the myriad of dangers south of the barrier.
Passive: Each level of Sand Walker blocks 2/3/4/5/6 physical damage per stack of Crystal Knife from each attack on Stil.
Active: Stil attacks with renewed vigor. For the next 3 seconds he gains 25% movement speed, 25% attack speed, and, 25% tenacity. Additionally, his first auto attack after activating this ability knocks the target back.
Cost - 65/60/55/50/45
Cooldown - 12/11/10/9/8
Range - Self
Range (knockback) - 250A stat buff, the move speed and cc reduction help him get into the fight where he needs to be, the attack speed makes you more a threat once you get there. The knock back makes you scary coming in for their carry. Correctly used - between your speed boost your rapid fire slows, and your cc reduction you should get into position to get their carry...out...of....position. The passive is another jungle superiority to make up for his lack of early Aoe or low cooldown high damage spells. It also has great lane potential, effectively mitigating a portion of minion damage during exchanges. As it scales it remains a helpful tanking tool.

R - Sand Wyrm - In moments of need Stil can summon one of the great sand Wyrms from the depths of the desert. On cast a swirling aura of broken ground surrounds Stil for 6 seconds revealing that the Wyrm has arrived. All of stills abilities have their cooldowns refreshed by 3/4/5 seconds. Any spell cast during the duration of Sand Wyrm is empowered:
Costs - 0
Cool down - 60/45/30 seconds
Range - Self

Clockwork Pistol - Increases damage by 10/20/30% as well as doubling the slow and amount of energy refunded by auto attacking a the target.
Once a target is affected by Thumper Stils summoned wyrm rushes towards them leaving a trail of broken ground then erupting from the earth knocking up enemies for 0.5 seconds and dealing 200/300/400 physical damage (+2.0 ad).
Up to 1.5 times the damage. The energy return is much more potent in later levels because of the global cooldown reduction of the ult allows him to cast much faster in the heat of a battle as long as he has the energy. Launching the Wyrm is a great initiation move, players should try to time it to hit as many enemies as possible.

Hardsuit - Increases the shield amount by 30/40/50%. Stils summoned Wyrm attunes itself to his shield, and when it breaks or reaches the end of the duration the Wrym attempts to swallow him, disintegrating into sand at the last moment. All enemies within the Aoe around Stil are knocked towards him taking 200/300/400 physical damage (+2.0 ad). Also, Stil is healed for 5% of his maximum health (+5% for each enemy caught in the effect).
I chose a shield instead of a heal because healing from energy would be nightmarishly close to unlimited self sustain. This is an alternative initiation, better in the tank role, but less damaging and harder to hit. This is a fairly large shield with a moderate cooldown, it is a spell that requires perfect timing to maximize because to get the most out of it you want the enemy to just be able to pop it without doing any less damage or much more.

Sand Walker - As long as Stil is standing on the Wyrms broken ground, the movement speed buff from Sand Walker is increased to 50%. Additionally, as long as Stil is standing on the broken ground, the effects of Sand Walker will continually refresh. Casting Sand Walker will not prevent the empowered version of either Clockwork Pistol, or Hardsuit.
Choosing a different spell to augment gives Stil flexibility, bigger shield for tanking, more damage and slow, plus energy return for dps, or AoE damage and a much longer dash from the Wyrm


Health - 428 (+85)
Hp 5 - 6.25 (+0.7)
Energy - 200
Energy Regen. - 50
Range - 125
Attack Damage - 52.8 (+3.2)
Attack Speed - 0.647 (+3.1%)
Armour - 16 (+3.7)
Magic Res. - 30 (+1.25)
Mov. Speed - 340
Thanks for taking a look, this is my first contest entry and i found it very fun. 1 point to the person who can guess the inspiration for this champion lol. Lore is here, hopefully a regional apocalypse is enough, i found it much easier to merge with lol canon with the league of legends still existing.

Appearance -
Height - Rather tall, 6' 6" or so
Physical Build - Strong but thin almost looks dried out...been in the desert awhile he as.
Hair style and color - Long and unkemp, very unimportant right now for him.
Eye color - Blue on blue of course
Weapons - Crystal knife grows brighter blue the more enemies around him.
Attire - faded and worn brown/sandy/reddish leathery armour with greyish\sandy cape.


Rough Draft
Prophets and doomsayers have long heralded the end of the world. Ask any nomad who ekes his existence from the Shurima Desert, however, and they will tell you the world ended eons ago. Very little is known about the current inhabitants of this once great empire. That is no great surprise as successful crossings of the great barrier are as infrequent as their attempts. There remains though, a particular magic in that scarred land. The people live unnaturally long lives, there are even rumors that some of the greatest tribe leaders have been alive since the runewars first scourged their ancient kingdoms. Every aspect of tribe life is focused on conservation. From their spring fired pistols and their water conserving hardsuits, nothing in the desert is wasted. Even their sacred crystal daggers are bonded to each warriors life force, and never break or dull. One undeniable fact of the desert is that hard lives forge a hard people, and despite their limited numbers and resources Shurimian tribesmen are considered superb warriors. As could be expected due to the ruin brought upon them by magic, the people of Shurima are suspicious of mages and most obvious uses of magic are preformed in secret and ascribed as natural phenomenon or religious rites. Regardless, most tribe leaders have some grasp of magic.

Stil had been chieftain of the largest Shurimian tribe for as long as long as living memory. Any living memory that is, except his. Born a prince to the greatest kingdom south of the barrier, Icathia, Stil survived is destruction and all the following cataclysms brought by the rune wars. He has lead the remnants of his people for untold generations, the harsh reality of survival consuming his every moment. One day, however, he sensed a changing in the air, something he had not felt for ages. Something dark that he had thought the world long since ridden of. After conferring with the great prophet of this age, Malzahar, Stil took on a grim demeanor. He made arrangements with his tribe and crossed the barrier. He comes with a message, a dire warning of things to come. He will not let the rest of Runeterra suffer like his lost Icathia. Once across Stil found the soft wet landers did not heed his warnings as seriously as he hoped. After some time wandering and learning about the northern lands the solution became clear, make his way to the League of Legends, win his way into a postion of power and acclaim then do what is necessary to prepare.

"The land did melt, the sea did swell, the sky did fall... and they are still coming..."
- Stil, the Desert Shaman


Champion Selected
"Heed my Words."

"Do you think that wise?"
"For you summoner."
"Walk without a rhythm."

"I'll finish them."

Casting Ult
-Incoherent mumbling until next spell is cast.-

"The Shurimian wastes would make short work of you!"
-Inspects his dagger, flourishes it then sheaths it-

"Summoner, does your name happen to be Paul?"


There will come soft rains - Stils people have endured their own personal apocalypse, with their lands desolated and their once thriving civilization driven to the point of extinction. The survivors are rallying, but its taken generations and what has emerged is a tough, rugged people who wait and pray for the day it may rain again.

Scavengers - Stil gains attack damage from each nearby enemy champion, additionally, he needs an enemy to break his shield in order to maximize its usefulness and exploit its heal, which also scales with the number of nearby enemies.

Adaptation - He is all about adapting to the situation, Stils ultimate ability changes any one of his regular spells into a much more potent form, allowing him to get more of what he needs in any circumstance.

Please leave some feedback.
If you liked this champion, here is a link to all my concepts in one spot, Dryruns Champion Muster Point (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3021970), so stop on by and have a look, see what you like. There is a champion for every type of sensibility. Review and leave a link for a trade. Good luck with all your creating!

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I'll give you a basic overview of you're champs abilities, same as you did for me.

Passive: Okay, i see two main issues here. 1) When you say enemies, do you include minions? Because if so, it's waaaaay too op. You could always balance it to that, but I'd remove minions altogether. 2) It needs a cap! Right now, you could end up with way too much bonus damage, making Stil just all around too powerful. It's a great ability, just needs a few tweaks.

Q: My only issue with this ability is that it's rather generic. It's damage and a slow, and then regains some energy. What can you add that will make this unique? Right now it's just kind of boring.

W: This one is good! Stil, make sure that you specify what an 'enemy' is. Also, give it a cap, so it's not too powerful. Make sure that it doesn't actually make Stil invulnerable. 3 seconds also may be a bit too long for something with this potential. The cooldown also seems too low at late levels.

E: I love this! It adds a fun new mechanic to the game. I have no complaints, except that it may be a tad op, but that can be fixed with tweaking later.

R: I love abilities like this. You explain your choices very well. This is all good. Cooldown gets a bit short, but not too bad.

Only other thing to think about is: How well do all of these abilities work together? Remember, you can have 3 great abilities that work terribly together. Make sure that combos and gameplay are useable.

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Thanks for the review, it was very insightful
passive - not including minions, so max is 5 times 5 in a full blown team fight, i have an idea to make the neutral monster part more clear.

q - i know! i was afraid it was a tad boring, its what he needs, and i think it does have good synergy - i think i will make it blend into his other abilities better, and i actually just had an awesome idea - make the dart attract the worm! i think this will be much more synergistic (sic).

w - agreed about the cooldown, im not sure if i should lower the base shield or raise the cooldown. i will think on this, actually might make it funtion with the worm as well!

e - thanks for agreeing with this skill, i think of it a lot like chos q but with no slow smaller radius and no slow, it scales with ad, and i think its a tad weaker - after the changes its going to be much more essential to his kit.

R - yeah this lets you use the right spell the right way, all three spells do different things, and this way you can pick one to boost, giving you what you need. the cooldown is short, but it doesnt allow you to cast your q w e, it replaces one, so you can still only cycle three spells even with your ult up, i hope that explains the lower cooldown.

synergy incomming!

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Synergy changes -
Passive - clarified who procs the buff
Q - Added the winding down part, making it fire less for and for less damage each time. this can maintain is slow for longer, but i lowered it and nerfed the damage of this ability.
W - cooldown increase, sheild strength decrease, it was just too strong. especially seeing as he will be build bruisery/tanky. added the debuff on shield reaching its duration which i think is a great why for a tank to draw aggro.
E - complete makeover, still has movement speed, gave him some other stat buffs for the infighting he will be doing, mostly moved the worm to the ult.
R - moved the worm here and made it the reason normal spells were buffed. i am actually quite happy with how this works, giving the player lots of options not only in how to use the worm offensively or defensively but when to use it, right away for surprise and initation, or holding onto it, getting every drop out of sand walkers passive. So lots of interplay with his spells, mostly though, i like how in his element - closing into a massed up team fight and dealing damage and havoc through his combinations of light cc and his aoe debuff - he is very strong, but in a fight that isnt exactly his forte, his is still viable, just not as in your face.

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bimpity bump, anyone have any suggestions or helpful ideas before the contest starts?
Should the Q be a skill shot instead of a targeted ability, what about a skill shot that ignores minions? In that case i would eliminate the blue effect from his passive as brush detection.

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That's actually a great ebauche! Your character is fun, cool and unique, but seriously you would have to adjust those stats, because right now he is so op he could 1 vs 5 xD

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Please let me know what numbers you think are OP
Here is most of my thinking and comparing -

base stats -
Normal for melee fighter,
Ad a little low because of his passive, i only want it noticeable past one or two enemies
MS is just a little lower then lee sins i think, faster though then shen, seeing as he is played somewhere in between them i thought it appropriate.

Q - Damage wise similar to gangplanks parley, but with considerably lower base damage and much lower scaling. Cool down much higher. He can cast it three times, but due to the increasing nerf on damage and range, and its increasing cooldown when used this way i think it is hard to abuse in lane. Even if you can close the gap the to land all three shots, you have done approximately the damage of two parleys with the addition of a stronger slow, a cost in energy (that will return much faster then mana) but you now have a much much longer cooldown to wait, as well as factoring in the gold effect of parley.

W - I believe the numbers for this shield are roughly between shens shield and sorakas heal, as it levels you gain a lot cooldown wise, but compared to sorakas heal, this is castable only on yourself, and is very temporary.

E - this one was off the top of my head, i will look into other champions buffs to see where this sits, it didnt sound too OP when i wrote it, but maybe it is. i wonder what volibear has to say about this?

R - Much less base damage then Lee sins kick, lower cooldown though....maybe more likely to hit other champions then his kick? i could use some help with the numbers on this one.

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As with Pirateelfdog, I'll return the favor since you reviewed my champ.

Innate - With it fixed, this seems perfectly fine. The short range in jungle makes it effective in a single camp, which is what I am assuming you were aiming for all along. I do like the way the ability works as a whole, but I do have a few questions about how the stacks will be calculated in game. With each stack giving a different amount of attack damage, would both be listed as the same buff or a separate one? I know it would not affect the total buff in any way, but it may be aggravating for a player to notice his buff fluctuating while he still has the same number of stacks listed. I know its not a big issue, but I'm just curious how it would display.

Q - I really do like the way you designed the Q, and I don't have any real suggestions for it. With the massive speed boosts you can pull off, it would seem very easy to land all three attacks, especially with the added slow. Bravo!

W - Again, this is another ability that I think does very well for itself. I love the way that Sion's shield works, and this seems very similar. However, I think that a 70% AS reduction may be a bit harsh if it lasts for a full 5 seconds. If I were to make a suggestion, I would keep the debuff duration, but have the effect fall off in intensity over its duration. While the severity of the debuff is definitely a threat that could serve as a taunt, you could effectively nullify many AS champs with this ability, Frozen Heart, and Warden's Mail. A second or two during which a champ is totally ineffective seems alright, but the full duration as is seems a bit excessive. As is, I could definitely see it being useful, but it may destroy certain champs a bit too effectively.

E - A straight buff that is perfectly easy to understand. I am admittedly not very good with numbers in this game, but for reference, Yi's ult gives a 40% movement speed increase and xin zhao's W gives up to an 80% AS increase. Yours seems to fit in the middle of normal values for a steroid, but I am unsure if having 3 different buffs could unbalance the ability. Again, sorry that I'm not much help here.

R - I have no complaints whatsoever about the way the ability works, and as an ability with a sand worm it is automatically amazing. (While it may not be your reference material, it does remind me of both Mass Effect and Beetlejuice, which in itself is awesome) The only issue I see is that using his empowered E seems like an obvious choice. Since it doesn't lock out his other empowered abilities, it would seem insane to not take advantage of a constantly refreshing steroid. The difference between Q and W make for interesting choices, but it feels like E should always be used regardless of situation in this current incarnation of the ability. I don't really have an alternative suggestion, but I thought I should bring up the issue.

Thanks again for your review, and I hope this is helpful! Good luck in the upcoming weeks!

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Dithreabhach, thanks for looking him over, you had some insightful advice.
i did do a few modifications after reading your review.
Passive - no change but, you will just have a buff icon showing that its active and how much your getting from it, if you are jungling golums and have X attack damage, and get jumped by two enemies your buff will just change to Y damage because it is higher.
Q- no change
W - made the attack speed debuff decay over time, thats a great idea much more in line with what it should be.
E - reduced all the stats slightly. the main thing with this ability (in my mind) is that the stats dont exactly work well together, so it doesnt give you one HUGE boost, its three small boosts in one, you get the small attack speed boost when you want for fighting, but if your standing and fighting, you dont need the movespeed boost, same as for running in or away, the attack speed isnt being used. this is a multi purpose spell that only some aspects are being used at different times.
R - no change, the idea is that the E doesnt use up the ult so its going to be used during it.

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I can't see shamans using pistols and hardsuits, not gonna lie.