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Need a new LUX Skin.

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Hello everyone.
I just recently started playing with LUX and I love her. She is an awesome champ and I enjoy playing her. Now I wanted to buy a skin for her since I wanted it to look different but the problem is that they don't look that good. Its just something missing so I was wondering if we could get enough votes on this to make a red see this post and maybe tell the guys that make the skins to make a new one for lux.
At this moment I don't have any ideas on how it should look but if I do get any ideas I will be updating this post.

(Just an idea)
When using her abilities, the color should be different and also when she uses her Ultimate would be awesome if it had some sick effects.

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Eila Ilmatar started a thread for discussing possible new lux skins; there are several others.