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chamion- Adoni-Bezek, The lord of Lightning

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Lord AdoniBezek

Junior Member


Ok, yes the name of the champion is also my username kind of but that's not the point. I chose that name because even though its mine it also means Lord of Lightning in Hebrew and that's what he's about.

Champion name- Adoni-Bezek, The Lord Of Lightning

Weapon- bow (ranged)
Abilities- (IDK) associated with lightning
Positions- Top, jungle (mainly jungle)
AP champion

This is my first character that I've tried to create. I just think you need more electric champions and archer champions and you don't like that then use a staff as a weapon. Also try to make him like the warrior Kilik from Soul-caliber if you switch the weapon to staff in stead of bow.

-I feel sad I typed my header wrong. *goes to cry*