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[January MCCC] Ryne, the Dimension Escapee

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Here's my submission for the January MCCC!

Ryne, the Dimension Escapee

Ryne [Pronounced "rine"] is an AP/AD hybrid assassin, relying on high mobility, burst, and avoiding damage to survive in fights.

She would be found top lane, mid, or as a gank-focused jungle.


Last Resort (Passive)

Whenever Ryne takes damage that would kill her, she survives with 1 hp, turns invisible, has all debuffs removed from her, gains 10/15/20/25 bonus movement speed and ignores unit collision for 3 seconds. This effect is ended if Ryne deals damage to an enemy.

Final Escape has a 4 minute cooldown.

Upgrades at levels 1, 6, 11 and 16.

Q: Dimension Shift

Passive - Emergency Shifting - Whenever a nearby allied minion dies, Dimension Shift's cooldown is reduced by .5 seconds. Whenever an allied champion dies, Dimension Shift's cooldown is refreshed.

Active - Immediately, Ryne switches dimensions, immobilizing herself while reducing all incoming damage by 65%70%/75%/80%/85% and becoming immune to disables for 1 second. At the end of this time, Ryne deals 100% of the damage that she has taken during this period (+0.2 ability power) (+0.35 bonus attack damage) to all units in a small area around her in magic damage.

Range (Passive Aura): 1000
AOE (Active): 375
Cooldown (Active): 16/15/14/13/12 seconds
Mana Cost: 85/95/105/115/125 mana

No channel time. A non-target ability.

W: Misdirected Shield

Ryne immediately shields target ally from 40/80/100/120/140 damage (+0.2 ability power) (+0.15 total attack damage) for 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds.

While this shield is active, Ryne gains 16/20/24/28/32 bonus movement speed 15/20/25/30/35 bonus ability power and attack damage. She also gains the ability to use Expired Visit.

Expired Visit - Ryne immediately teleports to the location of the person who she has shielded. This removes both the shield and the Ryne's buff gained from the sheild.

Range (First cast): 575
Range (Expired Visit): 1000
Cooldown (After sheild is destroyed): 22/20/18/16/14 seconds
Mana Cost: 100/100/100/100/100 mana

Single target ability, cast on an allied champion. The second cast is non-target. No channel time occurs for either cast.

E: Bolt of Transport

Ryne fires a bolt of energy at target enemy minion, monster, or champion, dealing 95/120/155/180/215 (+1.2 attack damage) (+0.15 ability power) physical damage. If the target is killed, Ryne immediately teleports to the location where the unit died, and slows all units around the new location for 55%/60%/65%/70%/75% of their movement speed for 2 seconds.

Does not apply on hit effects.

Range: 1025
AOE (Of Slow): 425
Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds
Mana Cost: 45/50/55/60/65 mana

This is a single target ability, cast on an enemy minion, monster, or champion. There is no channel time.

R (Ultimate): Grand Survival

Passive - Complete Adaption: For every 60/50/40 magic damage that Ryne receives, her magic resist goes up by 5/8/11 and her armor goes down by 4/6/8 for 4/5/6 seconds stacking up to 15/18/21 times. For every 60/50/40 physical damage that Ryne receives, her armor goes up by 5/8/11 and her magic resist goes down by 4/6/8 for 4/5/6 seconds stacking up to 10/14/18 times.

Active - For 7 seconds, Ryne gains full positive stacks of Complete Adaption [See note], regains 15/30/45 health per second, regains 15/25/35 mana per second, and gains 6%/9%/12% armor and magic penetration. While Grand Survival is on cooldown, the bonuses from Complete Adaptation are lost.

Note: Gaining "positive stacks" of Complete Adaptation means that full armor and magic resist bonuses will be gained without any of the reductions that normally come with the passive.

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Still Eternity

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Neat idea. The numbers seem a bit high though, on every ability.

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Conversion Gel

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I think the passive should be renamed Last Resort

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hey just saw your post and wanted to take a look, i just made a Jan MCCC champion as well, i will give you my quick thoughts, feel free to have a once over on my champion im sure he could use some tweaks as well - http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=33195109#post33195109 - anyways, here i go

Passive - in my opinion too strong in lane, i would keep it as is, but change the movement speed to -50/-25/0/25% that way you can just run to tower everytime they get you in lane.

Q - really like the idea, i would change the damage to something like 70-250 + % of damage absorbed (cannot exceed x damage) because as is seems really high.

W - seems great, good self buff, good utility in several ways nice job

E - good jungle/lane skill great way to get into a fight ap ratio could go up i think also should do magic damage

R - great spell, but is it 21 stacks of 11? cause that seems like maybe too much.

great champion good mobility i can see in a fight alternating between dashes and dimension shift.

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Thanks for the review... huge number changes and such coming... thanks! The idea of the e is that you use your w on an ally, use your e to get into a fight, use your q, and then pop you w again out of there before you take any damage.

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Hello! FelixKam of PSS here with a review on Ryne, the Dimension Escapee.

Role: She is supposed to be a hybrid assassin, who is meant to go in the top, mid, or be a gank based jungler. Alright. She relies on strong burst, mobility, and damage avoidance. That’s what an assassin is supposed to rely on, so the theory is down. By hybrid assassin, you mean like Akali style, right?

Innate: Last Resort.
- I like this ability. It’s the perfect demonstration of an escape for an assassin.
- It mirrors Anivia’s innate, in that both are escape from death skills. I like them. However the bonus movement speed is too low. Also the 1 hp survival seems a bit low. I would make it increase to 1% of her max health instead. Since going down to such a low amount of health is usually a certain kill, leaver her at a low amount of health could help prevent those wretched minion attacks that are already in flight from killing her.
- The movement speed bonus could use a buff. As it is, she could still be too easily caught. I would raise it up to a flat 15% increase.
- Finally making it scale off of levels just isn’t appropriate for this skill. Anivia’s defensive scaling is to make up for the flat changes, however by using percentile increases as I’m suggesting, the level scaling will become unnecessary.
- P.S: You used a 1/6/11/16 scaling. I like you, you seem to have done your research.

Q: Dimension Shift
I don’t like this skill. It doesn’t fit her role. It fits her title and hopefully her lore, but not her role. The problem with this ability is that it’s damage is reliant on the damage that the enemy deals to her. In addition the scalings on this ability are terrible. The cooldown reduction doesn’t help because it’s reliant on surviving long enough to be brought down to a low enough point where it can be used.
- This ability fits a tank, or bruiser who needs to stay in battle. Not an assassin who is meant to go in, deal large amounts of guaranteed damage, and then back out.
- The scaling is so low that it can’t guarantee enough damage for a proper assassin role.
- Also it immobilizes her. In League of Legends an immobilise is equivalent to a snare, which stops the high mobility that an assassin needs to have.

W: Misdirected Shield
I don’t like this either. It belongs on a support, or a Lee Sin. The shield base and scaling needs an increase. The bonus movement speed could use a buff, and the bonus ability power should be ~2x as much as the bonus attack damage. On average one point of AD is worth two points of AP.
- While I understand your reasoning behind this ability, it gives her mobility, yes, but the shield amount is very low, especially for the cooldown.
- The mana cost is also fairly high, which makes this worse than even Riven’s Valour, which has better scaling, better base shielding, better cooldowns, less mana cost xD, but less mobility and utility.

E: Bolt of Transport
The base damage at level 1 is way too high. Depending on whether the AD scaling is total or bonus scaling it could be ridiculously overpowered at level one.
- The secondary effect is pretty awesome, and seems pretty cool to me.
- The range is ridiculously huge. I would use this as a constant lane harass that has no way of being stopped.
- Once again not quite a skill for a hybrid assassin. Considering it’s massive range, low early game cost, and average cooldown, I would say it’s more of a constant harass. I would use this, once again in either a bruiser to help with initiation, or on an offensive lane support.

R: Grand Survival
I like this ability. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit an assassin at all. It’s a tank based skill.
- First of all make the armour and magic resist stacks have the same maximum cap. It just makes things easier to work with and balance. Normally speaking the penalties shouldn’t increase with levels, so I would keep them where they would be at rank 2, with the bonus increasing as is.
- Second of all, this skill is good for a bruiser that needs survivability. For Ryne however this lowers the damage she could be dealing making her an ineffective assassin, but also lowers the capabilities of her Q, since that relies on the damage she takes. The regeneration is insanely high, and I would go so far as to say approaches Mundo levels if not surpasses it while it’s active.
- BTW, the penetration does nothing if your damage output is already low.

On a whole:
- The whole kit just doesn’t fit together well. You stated in the beginning that she was meant to be an assassin who relies on mobility and high burst. What I see, is a tanky-support who could also function as a bruiser top. Unfortunately not a very good one in either of the situations, though they are what works best for her despite your claims that she is a hybrid assassin.
- For one her damage output is not bursty, and are reliant on her absorbing damage, which an assassin does not do. I would recommend that you brush up on your champion roles.
- Also her whole kit is too focused on survivability, is really varied, and just doesn’t fit together well.
- I would recommend picking a specific role, and making the champion fit it. At the moment she doesn’t really fit any role.

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I was going to review but felix kinda took all of my thoughts and more, I made a hybrid assassin too if you want to check him out even though I couldn't review yours very well
I like the concept and story but here's my thoughts on the abilities

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Hahaha, lol.