the ultiminte fizz guide

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I read some threads recently and i thought i might write a guide to fizz for people who are new to him and are having trouble.

runes: 0.95 damage marks, 1.41 armor seals, 0.15 magic resist per level glyphs and 2.25 attack damage quintessences. this is my runes i use for fizz and it works really well.

masteries: Since i am not lvl 30 yet i have all damage masteries focusing on armour and magic penetration + with ability power and attack damage in between.

build: Sorcerers shoes, Lich Bane i think its called, Void Staff, Rabodens Death Cap.
I haven't had many games where i get past this but i think i would build a few defensive items like guardian angel and zhonya's hour glass.Forgive me for my horrible knowledge of item names.

what to max: w,q,e and r whenever available. most people would max e after w but i find maxing q second works well when playing aggressively.

Strategy: Once you reach lvl 3 is when you should start poking activating e jumping in with q basic attacks then jump back out with e.
Once you reach lvl 6 you should have sorcerers shoes and be building towards sheen. at lvl 6 launch your ultimate for its slow and start using the technique i talked about above ( important tip: if your target is low enough to kill with another 1-2 hits you should be able to tower dive with your e to do this simply activate it while the turrent shot is in mid flight this will dispel it immediantly). once you have leech bane you should try and get basic attacks in between your abilitys especially your ulti.

I have learned a trick to escape sticky situations which i like to call "where the hell is fizz" if your opponent flash's over the wall when you use your e simply jump back over with the second leap. Another trick for chasing is to use urchin strike to your opponent over the wall (note: urchin strike will only send you over the wall if you haven't hit your target yet if you have hit your target before hitting the wall you will not go over the wall).

i hope you find this helpful