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I think there may be a problem with pvp matchmaking in normal mode on SR. For at least the past 10 games I've been paired with at least two people playing solo lanes who are actively feeding their lane either intentionally or unintentionally. I know the obvious explanation of that's just bad luck or im not helping my team enough or some people are inexperienced or trying a new champion but I looked at the win counter for my teammates and for the past 10 games (possibly more) there has been at least 3 people on my team with less wins than the person on the enemy team with the least amount of wins. This means that 3 people on my team have less in-game experience than the least experienced person on the enemy team for the past 10 games. This is also coupled with their best performing player having sometimes 3x the amount of wins as our most experienced player. I currently have around 500-600 wins and have been paired for the past 3 games with people who have barely 100 wins. I understand that win count isn't necessarily a reflection of skill level but at least in-terms of in game experience and the correlation between significantly higher win counts and generally performing better in games I've seen in normal mode. I'd at least like an explanation of why this could happen or if this is a problem being resolved. I'm not angry just curious.