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[Suggestion/Request/Question] Are there plans to make gifting permanent?

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Forgive me if this has come up before on the forums but I am not an avid forum-goer. I know that gifting was extended for all of snowdown showdown (Yay!) but I wanted to ask if there are plans to make gifting permanently available? If not then I want to make the argument that making gifting available year round is a win/win/win and would be great for Riot, the community, and lower ELO teams.

Here are what I see are the pros and cons of making gifting permanent. My goal here is to make the case that the Pros greatly outweigh the Cons.

- Potential for abuse
- Removes the Holiday "Specialness"

- Promotes player charity, generosity, and random acts of kindness
- Helps less serious teams compete and have fun
- Arguably will increase RP purchases

CON 1: Potential for abuse

I saw some talks on the forum that Riot was finding some abusers of the gifting system and was working on stopping such abuses. Despite this, the gifting period was extended by request of the community. I believe that making gifting permanent may invite more opportunities for abuse. However, my belief is that over time Riot will find ways to stop most potential forms of abuse as time goes on and they observe player behavior (much like how the honor system was initially abused).

CON 2: Gifting being available year round would remove its holiday "specialness"
While it may be true that making gifting always available will make it no longer feel like a "special holiday opportunity" I believe the benefits outweigh the loss of specialness. I am confident that Riot can come up with a bunch more ways to make winter holiday season special and gifting is too good a feature to limit.

PRO 1: Year round gifting will promote player charity, generosity, and allow for random acts of kindness.
I believe that players will find many reasons to gift things to each other beyond just the winter holiday season. Year round gifting will allow for birthday gifts. Gifting also allows for more thoughtful LoL related gifting. Giving a player a skin they had their eyes on rather than a Riot point code is the equivalent of giving the player a book they said they wanted as opposed to a book store gift card. I would also like to think that it will open opportunities for more community kindness even from strangers ("It seemed like you were having a really rough day in that last game. Maybe this will help.&quot I think people will end up being kind even without the incentive of summoner icons.

PRO 2: Help non-pro teams get better, compete, and have fun.
This actually happened to me personally. My friends and I finally decided to get a casual ranked team going. For me, all my IP usually goes to runes and I have purchased very few champions since I got the original 40 when the game was fully released. As most of us had very different champions at our disposal, most drafts were crazy jigsaw puzzles to get everyone a decent champion picked usually to the detriment of optimal strategy. One of my friends (Our ADC) prefers to play Caitlyn unless seriously counterpicking. I (for my own reasons) really dislike Caitlyn as a champion and never wanted to play her, let alone buy her especially since I so rarely bought champions.This made drafting hard so for the holidays he bought me Caitlyn to help the team (and himself) which helped get around the fact that I didn't like her, was saving IP for potential S3 required runes, and didn't have much money at the time. I think gifting (like in this example) will help more casual players get teams together and help get a basic roster of champions across their members.

PRO 3: Gifting encourages more Riot point purchases.
Gifting essentially increases the uses for Riot points and thus (IMO) makes Riot points inherently more valuable. It even further incentivizes RP because now you can add RP to your account not just for yourself but for others as well. I think even without the holiday season and summoner icon incentives, Gifting will increase RP sales year round (and I think likely more RP purchases overall than limiting it to just the winter holidays for "specialness&quot

So that's basically my argument. I think year round gifting is a win/win/win situation for Riot, the community, and casual teams. Plus I think these benefits outweigh the cons of potential abuse and lost holiday cheer.

If this has already been discussed then just ignore me and my lack of forum activity but I still wanted to put my argument out there.