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[Suggestion] Shop & Keyword Search Options

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Hi, I'm not sure if this has been addressed or not, but as I was going through the store today, I realized that not all items can be searched by their abilities. In order to help Riot out with this, I did some research at the store and created a list of what is not searchable.

This list is simply a list of my suggestions on what phrases the shop should include as keywords for item searching. I'm not completely wedded to my suggestions so would love feedback from all!

What is not searchable right now:

  • gp10, gp, transmute (however typing "gold per" will show the gp10 items)
  • butcher, rend (for hunter's machete and similar items)
  • ward (for sightstones -- typing ward only brings up sight ward and vision ward right now)
  • coldsteel (for warden's mail, frozen heart, and randouin's)
  • aid/eleisa's blessing (for eleisa's miracle)
  • stack or stacks (for Sword of the Occult)
  • valor's reward (for all things that build out of catalyst)
  • grievous wound
  • lifeline (hexdrinker, maw)
  • icy (phage, fro mal, triforce)
  • spellblade (triforce, sheen, lich bane, iceborn gauntlet)
  • frozen fists (iceborn gauntlet)
  • eyes of pain (haunting guise, liandry's)
  • maim (wriggle's)
  • lucky shadow (mana manipulator, shard of true ice)
  • hunt (twin shadows)
  • shield (iron solari)
  • awe (manamune)
  • cleave/crescent (tiamat and hydra)
  • valor/promote (banner of command)
  • % dmg / percent dmg (any items like blade of ruined king that does percentile damage)
  • dot/burn (items that burn or "incinerate" like liandry's or spirit of elder lizard)

So that's my short list. I might be missing a lot more and some might not deserve to get its own search function. This was meant to help Riot start considering more keyword search options.