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Pros and cons of PBE

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1. Able to unlock almost everything at short time
2. Good Testing/Training ground
3. Help Riot catch bugs.
4. Automatic lv30
5. 4k RP and 10k IP every week


1. Its Plagued with Leavers
2. Most players don't test anything
3.People Don't care

I try to Test as much changes in PBE as possible but the constant Leavers and for lack of a better term trolls keep me from doing so. Now the only safe way i can test is Playing against bots which matches end fairly quickly. Has anybody else had these similar experiences? Also, I have recently been in a Match where all 4 of my teammates left before 20 minutes.

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PBE exists because Riots want casual testers. They have their own team of testers to do what you think you are helping exclusively, but they need casual testers to find bugs that can't be found normally (and also you can't expect the team to test everything all over again whenever some changes are implemented).

My Opinion: Sit back and enjoy the game. Report abnormality. Don't expect to test for balance (sample size and player's competence and experience severely restrict that anyway). Please be reminded that we are the one who let you to have a 5v5 game queue as short as 10 minutes.