idea for rengar

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so rengars ferocity currently looks liek this

Q extra damage

W heal

E root

R nothing

i think it would be better for rengars balance if (f) E no longer rooted the target but also made rengar jump to them (so they are slowed and rengar pounces them, no root), giving him an out of the brush gap closer outside of his ult, and changed R so that when used at full ferocity will consume the ferocity (and he regains it in a fewseconds) and the 1st person he punces on from being in his ult will be rooted for 2/2.5/3 seconds based on his ults level, this gives rengar his CC still inside of his ult, but gives hima out of brush gap closer that costs him his ferocity

just a thought, doesnt have to be implemented