Suggestion: Alt + click does nothing

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I wish to suggest something for every champs that we can control another unit with alt + click, for example Shaco with his ult, or LeBlanc with her passive.

When they are active, we control the clone and the double with alt + click. However, if they disappear, alt + click will move our own champ. In that case, it would be nice if our champ aren't affected by the movements with Alt.

For example, I use Shaco's ult or LeBlanc's passive for escaping, and I click one of them to a direction, while the real champ goes to another one.
If by chance the enemy follows the wrong one, I will keep moving him away while I either recall with my main or move somewhere else. But if ever the clone disappear (killed or end of the effect) and I Alt + click somewhere, then my main champ goes here instead, cancelling the recall for example, which is sometime annoying...

Thank you