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A bad player who wants to improve

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1) Have you tried using smartcast? That really helps with ezreal.When I played ez at first he was impossible to manage then I hotkeyed my smartcast cast spell 1,2,3 buttons to qwe in key bindings section.I left the ult to manual cast cuz it feels much accurate that way.

2) All your other mistakes can be solved by following these 2 words: Play More

Seriously,the more games you get..the more experienced you'll get.You will start developing the skills naturally on how to engage,disengage,fights,ganking bot etc.Just chill,relax and play.

3) Remember to learn in each game.When I lose a game,I do an analysis on why we lost it.Was the team comp wrong, was the bot failed,should I have backdoored etc.

4) My final point is: Think before locking in your champ.Sure it is loads of fun to play a champ you like/are good at but think about what team needs and I am not talking simple ad/ap.I am talking about if your team has locked in ashe and varus,its probably best you lay off ez this game.If your team has pick all bruisers you should get a tank with loads of cc or an extremely strong poker etc etc.
You will grasp this point much better if you follow point 2)

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Thank you guys for the advice. Really, thanks a lot

I take garrison/revive almost every time, but have heard flash/revive can be useful too, so I´ll try it sometime.

Regarding itemization, I´ve read Sauron´s guide and usually have a rough idea of what to build on the champions I play...I´d say my main issue is regarding item order, like in the Pantheon game where I should have finished BC instead of going Brutalizer + Phage.

Thanks for the guide Rikukun, I´ll be sure to read it and I also hope you end up writing that engaging/disengaging section.

I´ve been using smartcast for some time and it´s really useful. Still have to get the spell ranges on some champs, but I think that´ll come with practice.

Again, thanks everyone. Advice is always helpful

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Pretty sure everything I'm gonna say has been said but I will re-emphasize it.

Skillshots take practice. Smart casting also helps with that but won't guarantee ur skillshots. I see you already use it, so just remember you can hold the key down to get a targeting particle.
Also try to learn to predict your enemy's movements. Thats the hardest part. Skillshots tend to not be about where they are but where they are going to be when they will connect..

Do some bot games with whichever characters you're trying to use and try to get some practice in.

For itemization mobafire guides are a good place to start. I almost never use them in their entirety but they give you a good idea of what is useful when. As for the order that is a matter of personal preference but MOSTLY situational. That should come with practice too.

Oh and personally I use ghost/revive. In dominion speed really counts because the map is so small. Flash has its uses but I feel like its not quite as useful in dom although on some characters it is.

Good luck with all of it. LoL is a really complicated game at times but can be really fun with patience and practice.