Quanarus The Martial Arts Master

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Passive: Quanarus mastery in martial arts causes him to react quicker giving him + 10% cooldown reduction and goes up to 15% at level 9 and 20% at level 18

1st ability Sambo: Quanarus next attack causes the enemy to be stunned for 1.25 seconds and causes the enemy to take increased damage from your allies by 5% 7.5% 9% 12% 15% and deals 50/75/100/125/150. Scale .8 AD 9/8/7 second cooldown

2nd ability Chudan Oke: Quanarus takes 5/10/20/30/40% reduced damage from the next type of damage and gains a slight attack and armor increase. 15/15 20/20 30/30 40/40 50/50 and when he is hit after he immediately regains his Hyper twist 15/14/13/11/10 sec cooldown 4 seconds for bonuses

3rd ability : Hyper twist : a short aerial jump, when Quanarus jumps over an enemy champion or minion his next attack deals 35/75/120/150/190 .9 ad scale 20/18/16/14/12 sec cooldown

Ultimate ability : Shadows of fury. Quanarus slows the enemy while striking him the direction Quanarus is facing causes the champion to be pushed slightly toward that direction for 3 seconds dealing 250/325/450 .5 adscale 120 sec cooldown 105 85 sec cooldown

Lore: Growing up on a secluded part of Noxia. Quanarus was raised by his father which was a master in many different martial arts. His father had told him the dangers of the outside world with all the technology and magical spells. So Quanarus asked his father to teach him everything he knew. Quanarus was disgusted that people would use a weapon or spell to make them feel more confident and empowered. So Quanarus had wandered around the city of Noxus defeating current champions of the league of legends that have mystical weapons and spells. He would spare his challenged victims telling them nothing can break the human spirit. Later in his life he created his own martial arts school for and was the #1 fighting school in all of Noxus. The Noxian high command demanded the school be closed due to possible attempts of his techniques being stolen by enemies of Noxia. He refused and was sent to be arrested . He and his students fended an army of 500 Noxian soldiers. He told his students it would no longer be safe in Noxia. So he took himself and the students to the Shojin Monastery where the adept agreed that his monastery would keep his students safe until they became of age to be on their own. That was where he met Lee Sin Where he taught Lee sin a very powerful kick for his own self-defense . He decided to teach a lesson to the world that a human does not need technology to be the best by joining the league of legends .