New and fascinated with Teemo

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I'm new and fascinated with Teemo and he seems really strong and fun to play. I'm not the best Teemo though, that's why I need help.

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What's your question?

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derp youre dead

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Dude don't even bother asking questions.
He's easy to learn, easy to master, and his douchiness is as contagious as his kit.

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theres 2 ways to play teemo thats accepted.

1) ap teemo. you build deathcap, liandry's then whatever else you want that has AP and cooldown......lichbane works wonders. this build focus on as many shrooms as possible and is the most annoying **** ever for the other team. shrooms will do retarded amounts of damage and in teamfights you use blinding dart as a nuke. toxic shot gets damage from your ap as well so your not completely useless.

2) on hit teemo (i use this build more). this focuses on attack speed and on hit effects. i use shrooms as wards and to annoy people. the strength of this build is toxic shot does +50 spell damage on hit + dot. so with a wits end thats +92 spell damage a hit. then i build a frozen mallet for tankiness and a slow, so i can hit them more then build to the situation. some examples would be...nashors for more shrooms+as. morello if i need a healing debuff. the hurricane is badass for this build too since it applies on hit effects.

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That bum

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Hey there, my name is That bum and I enjoy playing Teemo very much. Before you read further consider this : This info. isn't for every person, don't take any offense as you read, and other builds may vary depending on how you like to play him. Oh and by the way my spelling may not be correct so please dont judge me for that. If I have ?Something? like this that means I'm not sure thats how you spell it. Thanks for reading my guide!

Pros of Teemo : High mobility
Extreme Kiting Power
Very good escape abilities
Versitile( Can go AP or AD )
Great farming skills
Great Pusher

Cons of Teemo : Squishy
Constantly Focused
Vision Wards kill his Mushrooms
500 Range (Compared to 550 by most ADCs)

Oh and by the way, I prefer to play Teemo on the purple side because it is so much easier in my opinion. Keep in mind though, I hate people who yell at me for not joining in on a team fight. Look guys out there, Teemo isn't a team fighter, hes more of a solo pusher that can easily out level many other meele champ's top.

So there are some Pro's and Con's and if you still think he is a good champ keep on reading if not choose another champ.

So I start off playing top ( Bot I dislike because of other ADC's Range difference and for mid I think he has to build Pure AP to sustain his ability to burst down champ's.) with Boots of Speed and Three health pots. I always get this, but feel free to get anything else as Teemo.
Depending on your opponent feel free to buy Chrystaline Flask, One Ward, and Five health pots. You should be poking opposing champs while they try to farm and you should also keep a eye out for the map. About level four, I push my lane as hard as I can into their turret, this allows me to put my ward down in the river. The turret should have reset the whole lane and I make my way back. Now that I have a ward down (put the ward closer to you pre-six and if your over level six, you should have it down by Baron), I can push as much as I want for three minutes, while denying my opponent CS and Experience. Tell you jungler to gank top whenever he/she has time and make sure you aren't pushing. Once Teemo reaches level six that is where the fun starts. I never-EVER
keep more then four mushrooms in the river, it's not worth it for their jungler to step in all of them, and recall healing the damage while you run out of mana trying to replenish it. The place where I put my four mushrooms are : One in tri-brush, one is the small brush by the wall and down the river. If you are pushing and have time, feel free to put on in front of the entrance from the river to their/your blue buff.
Level six is when I really start to become aggressive as Teemo, I go up and constantly poke at them and when they are finally fed up and try to use a gap closer on me (Ex. Vi's ultimate or Tryndamere's spin) I quickly put a mushroom in front of me because they are Meele. With that being said, I run and hit, run and hit, I run for a second, turn around hit them, and run for another second ETC. I always keep more than two mushrooms on me because when they try to follow up and chase me, I put one down and they get slowed, while I constantly poke them. Level six Teemo can just about out damage anyone if you play him smart, you should have two mushrooms in each brush in the lane, and run to them whenever the opponent engages in Meele combat. When they finally understand they can not get very close to me and try to back off, I press W and poke, poke, poke, poke them. Leaving them under 30 percent health while I am over 50%. This gives me lane dominance for the rest of the game especially if they die. Now the thing is, they will think that your building AP and get MR but really, my build focuses on AD. Now look, after your jungler has ganked, you should already have their first tower around ~25 Minutes ( you should also have over 150 CS for more experienced Teemo players ). Now I never join team fights, and this is where you have to think about playing Teemo in Champ selection. If you have a team with 2+ people with good CC ( Cassieopia, Amumu, Alistar ) then when the teamfight starts, you keep on pushing, forget about your team, your useless(Unless they are very close you top lane and fighting in the Baron river, thats when you should play the role of clean up crew and kill the remainder if they are LOW), your main goal is to push and keep pushing.
I usually get the second tower about ~35 minutes and I stay in lane fore about 5~8 minute intervals.

Note: This is if your on the purple side only, which I find much easier to play in.
Heres where it gets confusing while I type so try to stay with me, (if you would like add me in game and I will show you where to put the mushrooms down) you want to make a upside down T shape with the mushrooms, starting from top lanes wall to mid lanes wall and up to the four way crossing by blue buff. I'm going to attempt to make a drawing to please excuse me if it's horrid. NOT TO SCALE PPL!!Sorry guys I tried to edit it to make the picture look better but it didn't work so its kinda a waste to look at
Bluebuff ... River
P5 ............. B...... B - Brush
.... P2 ..... P1 P6 B...... P- Position
.... .. Wolf ...
.... ..................
P3 P4
Top Lane --------Wall that leads to their base--------------- Mid lane --------------Bot's Wall-----------------
Tower Tower
Inhibitor Inhibitor

There is my boring picture (lol) so let me explain it, P1 is a vital position to put a mushroom because it tells you if any champion is trying to come around to gank you. (Keep in mind, you should keep a mushroon by the entrance to the blue buff and in the tri-brush that leads to a wall and two roads to blue buff) Any further then that, you can easily make an escape by running to the smartest tactical location and become invisible, and when it's safe recall. P2 is for you to escape if anyone is coming from their base at you, you want to run that way up and recall. P3 is a second defense line if P4 breaks and you dont see it, if you don't see them coming at P3, you should stop playing this game until you get some map aweness. P6 in my opinion is very useful while playing Teemo because it gives you a early warning if someone is coming around to gank you.

Now that I have explained that, after you get their last top lane tower/inhibitor, you should push other lanes, perferably Mid. When you start pushing other lanes, thats when its up to you which position is most beneficial for you and your survival. After top lane is when I would say is the best time to go and try to team fight. This is when you should be winning because their top lane champ has gone to help other lanes (oh btw, call mia even though the turret is gone) so you are much higher leveled then they are because your in a solo lane, taking their blue when you can, and pushing them out of the lane if they try to farm. Now keep a eye out, always make sure that you have other areas warded because its a 5v5 map, they have teammates, and you will most likely lose a 2v1. Otherwise, you should always hit and run, put a shroom down and keep on kiting. If your team was already winning teamfights without you, then when you join after top is gone then you will hit like a truck. But if your teammates start to lose, then you want to play safer and use your range efficently.

So guys now that we are done with that and done with explaining how to play MY WAY of pusher Teemo lets talk about a build, masteries, runes, and summoner spells.

Summoner Spells :
My favorite combo is Ignite + Flash
Viable options :

Ghost( I take flash because it can easily remove you from sticky situations like flashing over a wall )
I don't like ghost because it their jungler has Red then you keep on getting slowed, its really annoying.

Heal ( I don't like heal too much because it really bothers me that I have a tanky AD build and heal only
gives you like 350 health back besides its AoE when your in a SOLO lane)

Barrier ( If you want a spell other then heal this is the best choice because it isn't AoE and it shields you for a much larger amount, and ignite won't cut the number in half I think, besides if it does it will still be more useful than heal)

Exhaust (Take this insted of flash because you need ignite for any healers and people who regen massive health. It's very viable for anyone that is tanky and has good damage like Olaf)

Runes : I go pure Attack Damage Marks and pure Attack Damage Quints. This is aimed at getting me a pure advantage early game while making it much easier for me to last hit creeps.

For my yellows, I am for pure armor to give me a advantage while fighting someone at level six.

And for my blues, I go for Magic resist per level because I include almost no Magic resist in the build.

Now let's focus on my Masteries, I play Teemo tanky, So I use a 9/21/0 Mastery page.
Note~~ the numbers the the [ ] is the amount of points I put into the Mastery
Offensive : [1] Summoners Wrath for the extra help after I ignite someone.
[3] Fury for the extra attack speed when I kill creeps/battle.
[4] Deadliness because extra Attack damage is always good.
[1] Weapons Expertise for the penetration in my basic attacks.

Defensive : [3] Perseverance because the lower we are the faster we heal.
[4] Durability for the extra health.
[3] Hardiness for the extra early game armor.
[1] Resistance just in case.
[2] Relentless to help run from red buff and Teemo has to remain quick and fast.
[1] Veteran's Scar because we need to have a early game advantage.
[3] Tenacious to reduce all those CC effects.
[2] Juggernaut to make Teemo even tankier.
[1] Legendary armor so that we can get more from buying tanky items.
[1] Honor Guard so that we remain tanky and over-power other tanky tops.

Utility : None after the debuff in movement speed

Now the last thing before I conclude, the BUILD!

So as I already mentioned, I start with Boots and Health pots.
First recall : I pick up a Ruby Crystal and Longsword building into a Phage.
Second recall: I choose what boots I want, are they AD or AP? Most of the time I get AD and the buff on the boots I get Furor( I think thats how to spell it ).
So after that, this is where it gets tricky, if I need to push, I get a Recurve Bow and if I have already got the first tower, I finish Frozen Mallet and get the ?Null-Mantle Cape?. After my Frozen Mallet I build Wit's End. Now is when you have to really decide, do you get ganked a lot? or do you need more damage?
If you getting ganked, I build a Guardian's Angel. If not then I build Blade of the Ruined King because it allows me for even MORE potential in 1v1.
After that, I finish my build with Frozen Heart only if my team doesn't have one already because when you join team fights, you need to take down their ADC and that item cripples them.

So just for a quick recap of my build
1. Armor/Magic Boots(Furor Enchantment)
2. Frozen Mallet
3. Wit's End
4. Guardian Angel/Blade of the Ruined King
(I didn't skip 5)
6. Frozen heart

Alright guys that basically sums up everything for how I play Teemo and thanks for reading the whole thing. Hope everyone has fun trying my build and play Teemo. I look forward to seeing better Teemo's out there.

P.S. My IGN : That bum

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The only and best way to play Teemo is to be a ******. It's the best way.

You'd want to be at top. Try to keep status quo up until you hit level 6. Of course if you can harass before that, go ahead! But at level 6, start planting mushrooms on the sides and bushes where minions wont hit them. Go over extend and harass the enemy and when they come to try to kill you, run behind your mushrooms and laugh like the ****** of a Teemo you are and shoot some more darts at them. Do it all day every day and win. And make your opponent frustrated as hell!

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You're a low level, most likely, but I respect that.
Go solo top, last hit.

Start with Boots and 3 Pots, or Flask, 5 pots + ward.
Once you gain gold.

3 options to build upon; AP, AD or Hybrid (a mix of AP + AD).

If your enemy team is a squishy team, go for AP.
If your enemy team is an auto attack reliant team, go for AD.
If your enemy team has tanky and auto attack reliant champs (Xin for example); go for Hybrid.

Why AP when they're squishy? Because your Q and Mushrooms will burst them, so it'll hurt them a lot.
Why AD when they're auto-attack reliant? Because when you hit your Q, put R on where you are standing, and just auto attack them until the blind's effect comes off, then run, so simple, Q>poke>run. Rinse and Repeat.

Why Hybrid when they're tankish and reliant on auto-attacks? Your AP from Q and R will burst tanks, and you can usually hurt them (half health or even more, infact) before the blinds come off.

What about APCs? If they're skillshot-reliant, then dodge>poke, rinse and repeat.
~~ If they have targeted spells, force a fight with Teemo, they won't be expecting the big burst if they facecheck that brush with you in there.

Builds? :')

I quit playing Teemo, he's too countered easily in level 30s etc. So yeah.
If you can play him, you'll become pretty strong.

Generally, if you're playing AP Teemo, you might want to try get tanky, I don't know if this works, but RoA (Rod of Ages) provides AP + HP + Mana, and it's awesome passive too. However, you MUST farm and try and get this at 10:00 - 15:00 minutes, otherwise it's passive comes in too late.

If you're playing AD or Hybrid Teemo, I'd settle in for Frozen Mallet, purely because the CC it provides you (slow), you can chase and just kill them with ease.

How can you chase and kill with AP Teemo, when he has no CC, doesn't he need Frozen Mallet to chase?
You can build MS and AP, just your boots w/ alacrity, and your W will chase anyone, Q them when they're low, and last hit them if you can for the kill, AP Teemo mainly relies on his mushrooms, if you put them in a teamfight where everyone is in a bush, put a mushroom, Q their adc, and run away laughing, you can get easy penta kills with it (its worked for me lol).

So yo, have fun with him