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My final thoughts on LoL

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I've been playing this game for close to a year now, probably more, and since I'm now leaving, I may as well give my thoughts on what I think of the community as well as the game as a whole. The game is an extremely well made game, and as with every game, there is some balance problems, and people will always find out how to exploit champions that are obviously broken. This game has both a curse and a blessing within it, which is that of the necessity of team work. The blessing being that you can't go on your own and win the game, you have to rely on the people you get paired with to help you along... That's the good part about it, the bad part is the sheer amount of stupidity within this community.

No, I'm not just talking about people who are blatantly dumb, but I'm referring to a good 80-85% of the LoL community that just is a whole batch of jerks! It's practically dog eat dog within champion select, excluding the rare time that two people aren't fighting over one position and one ends up trolling just because they don't get the spot they want. I think to have to rely on these people who only look out for themselves in a team game, it makes the game hard to be desirable to play. I'm not referring to ranked alone, I mean every game mode save Dominion and ARAM. So normal and ranked. The game always seems to make the people who get "fed" extremely cocky as well, not leading to a very good outcome for the rest of the team, and generally giving the other players a bad vibe when they're cast out by one member thinking they're the greatest.

Those are my final thoughts about this game, it's wonderful design, but atrocious community. I honestly hope you all can better yourselves, because this community is garbage as is, and I would not recommend anyone to come play this game based on what I've seen in the people playing the game.

Se la vi,