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About to give up on SOLO Q

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Okay then. Let me rant about ELO hell...

ELO Hell should not exist for several reasons.
1. Everyone's perception of ELO hell's range is different and constantly will change.
People are greedy and always think that they are better than everyone else around them and think they belong higher. Say that a person says they are in ELO hell by being in 800-1000 range. Once they are there they see one mistake and call his/her new range of ELO i.e. 1000-1100 ELO hell and think they could do better. It's a vicious cycle of human greed. You have to admit that if you are in an ELO you probably belong there. People always think that they are better than they actually are and that is a huge factor in a person's perception of ELO hell.

2. Too many people complain about it to possibly exist
A giant portion of the community complain about being in ELO hell and constantly stuck with 4 noobs. 4/10 means 40% of that ELO's players don't belong there and should drop out of that range very quickly since they are feeder noobs according to the poor player stuck with 4 feeder/trolls. This means that 60% of that ELO range don't belong there, the "victim" of ELO hell and the winners. However if everyone is complaining about having feeders on their teams wouldn't that mean at least a good portion of the people complaining about ELO hell are also at fault for causing others to be stuck there?

3. People think too highly of themselves
As soon as a player in "ELO hell" see a mistake another player make, he/she automatically assume that his teammate's suck. For instance let's say that mid lane dies in a 1v1. The victim will think that this mid laner sucks and is a feeder. What stops the mid laner being just out played? Not sucking but being out played by the opponent. Completely different. Also for those saying that they always win their lane by going 5-0 but their team feed, what stops your opponent from being a feeder? People complain about having feeders all the time and say its bad luck when they win their lanes. It could be that those certain people are lucky to be always facing a feeder like the rest of their team is. It's all about perspective and how you view things. Try to view them so that you're not the victim and see others in a positive light. When your lanes fail, assume the opponents are just better and are climbing out your ELO or that said player is having an off day, everyone gets those. When you beat your opponent be proud of it but don't think it's because you don't belong in that ELO it could be that your opponent' doesn't.

4.People have egos
People misunderstand ELO as a skill level when all it is, is a rating system. It was created for chess to rate players since the old system was poorly done. ELO has since then been refitted for team things like baseball or other sports. Don't give me that bull**** where Riot has it wrong since the team formula was done by scientists and unless you are better than said scientists, this system works. People see ELO as a number that shows how good they are to the community when it really doesn't matter. Let's take Chaox who ranked 1 and 2. If he created another smurf and was in 1100 ELO again would that mean he's a bad player who belong in 1100 ELO? No. ELO shouldn't define your skill level nor should you care about it being higher than anyone else's. Don't let your ELO be your EGO.
However to counter my own argument if you want gold ELO for the skin I completely understand, (That Janna skin is sooo nice >.&lt

5. People are not better than they think they are
I mentioned it but it deserves its own section. This ties in with don't let ELO be EGO but this will leave a suggestion that I want somebody to take. I want people with smurfs or accounts in gold/plat ELO where they escaped "ELO hell" and give info to people who claim to be stuck in ELO hell. Let them play ranked matches in where they think they belong. Most likely they will fail or get carried by the team or lose the team because most likely people who think they belong in gold elo and spend time just to complain about it really don't belong in gold elo. I just want people to help prove that.

Two forms of Elo hell exist according to pros low Elo hell where you have awful allies but play enough games and learn to carry and your ok. High Elo hell where everyone wants to carry and egos clash this is 1700 up most pros stumble here for awhile

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I dunno, maybe elo is going down. Top 30% of the population that play ranked is around 1200-1300. I have multiple accounts ranging from 1250-1800. I can say that, if you play badly you lose. If I play badly on any of my accounts in a given game, most times I lose. Yes, on lower accounts, even if my whole team loses I can sometimes win. Now you're saying, what if I have a 0/6 mid and 0/4 jungler at 10 minutes into the game? My question to you then is, why aren't you owning your lane? Why aren't you trying to help? You have an equal chance to get good players and bad players on your team. I've had multiple games where my other lanes lose horribly, I have two options. Leave bot as the ad an go help, or turtle and tell them to stall. A lot of times, you have to end laning phase and not let it get to the 0/6 point. Also, most games even if you are losing badly, if you have vision and catch one person out of position you can win.

What I do agree on is that lower elo there are a lot of bad people. It's been harder to win at lower elo. Most times it's the jungler's influence, I really feel people in the 1200/1300s don't understand a jungler's role. The absence of mechanics on a key player, not knowing how to peel as a tank, or not understanding how to teamfight can flat out lose you the game. You can't control your team. However you can compensate with taking into account that they won't land the ult or hit the skill shot. I had a game where we were 15-1 at 20 min with a shaco. However, we lost. My initial reaction was that the shaco was not fighting, he was running away. Looking at the replay, that was indeed true, but if I were in a better position as Tristana, I would have cleaned up most of the fights. If I kited better, I would have won the game. However, it can also be said that the rest of my team, especially my taric that had gotten me to a 6/0/3 start in lane had no idea how to teamfight h4h4.

You have to realize what you are doing wrong, and then figure out what you can do mechanically and strategically better. Even if your whole entire team is losing, you have to figure out how to win. Be it stalling the game, securing objectives, or catching them out of position. Sometimes you can't win, sometimes you will that 0/8 xin that is lvl 8 and keeps diving a lvl 13 enemy team. You just have to figure out how to prevent that, or just get strong enough yourself to counter it.If you do lose, reflect, don't blame your teammates, and move on or take a break, because in that game you could have done something.