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A small list of suggestions on the TT beta.

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I like what's been done so far about Twisted Treeline, it feels more fast paced, I like the artistic design of it, the items are more intriguing and fun, a couple of more champions become more viable on the map compared to old Twisted Treeline, the jungle makes more sense, etcetc.

However after the months this Beta Twisted Treeline has been out, there are still some porlbmes with it that are just mind-numbing.

Problem 1. Man-Made Wards: The first thing Riot's done to change the whole feel and pacing of Twisted Treeline's gameplay was to remove Sight and Vision wards, which I'm all for, it keeps players more active in looking out for the map, it adds more to the eerie feel of the spooky map, and alleviates some setups for some big plays. But when you fight people like Teemo and Nidalee, it kind of defeats the purpose of that. In just an instant, if you step on Nidalee's or even just walk-by Teemo's (you don't even need to step on it; it still provides vision around it), your cover is blown, and the enemies have this advantage of extra map awareness that you have no access to (outside of CV, but not many people take this considering how important summoner's are for team fights).

Whenever I fight a Teemo or a Nidalee, the first thing I think of is how I'm not even allowed to step inside a bush anymore for the rest of the game even if I want to just move around th map, let alone setup a gank. I have to look at my side of the map to see where minions are so that way when I'm camping outside of a bush for fear of going in it, I'm not seen by the minions coming from the enemy side.

Potential Solutions
1. Their Duration: Make any Man-Made ward last only a tenth of their duration. Nidalee trap lasting 4 minutes? Now it only lasts 24 seconds, Teemo shrooms last 10 minutes? How about 1 minute now. This direction of this potential change would make it so placing these traps require actual thought put into them when each of them are being placed; rather than "HEY TIME TO GO MY USUAL ROUTE AND PLACE TRAPS DOWN ALONG THE WAY!" That way these champions don't outright lose what makes them as a champion, but doesn't give an unfair edge on the opponent.
1.5. Reduce the duration of Nidalee's sight trap just a little, it's kind of ridiculous on this shortened map.

2. Change Oracle's Extract on this map: Make it so the Oracle's on this map let's you see stealth traps or traps in generals that are in bushes without stepping inside the bush (maybe even let you see champs inside the bush; but that might be asking for a lot), it's a little heart wrenching that I buy the only thing to counter these pesky traps, yet to still feel reluctant to step inside a bush because I'm not sure if the opponent's tendencies are to put traps on the edges of bushes, or in the middle.

Problem 2. Bruisers are still too strong: When Riot first initially introduced the new twisted treeline late October, it was generally a blast, the new items gave AP champions an even greater edge against the bruiser dominated treeline, and it allowed more avenues to be explored. However these other avenues still feel weaker and are pale in comparison to just picking a top tier bruiser. I genuinely feel I have to just pick Singed on this map if I want to get by all these traps and not care, or Tryndamere if I feel like going AD instead of AP. Yeah I can pick Ezreal and have fun (which I do win games for a majority; but the enemies decided to just not pick a bruiser either), but why not get rid of all that stress and work (but also the fun!) and just pick a bruiser in-case the enemy picks a bruiser? Fight fire with fire!

Potential Solution
1. Too much to list for this one solution: This is going to vary a lot per champion, and you can either fine tune each champion more for Twisted Treeline, or add even more item options for the less desirable roles. A more direct approach would be the next one....

2. Add a Draft select for Normals: This is an idea on it's own, but still, I think everyone would agree on this one; everyone has their personal demons they don't want to fight, why not give people who don't feel like playing ranked the chance to just get rid of what they feel is personally wrong with the map?

Generally when I played ranked, if my team is first pick we don't ban Singed and see if the enemy will ban it; if not we'll take it. Then there are more tactical decisions and what not, but why not just give this luxury to everyone? I would just love to play normals and not even think of dealing with, or even being Singed, and just play different champs more for fun on a different mode.

(Debatable) Problem 3. Vilemaw's Buff: whenever I think of Vilemaw, I don't really think of him as "oh his buff is extremely important and game changing, we must make sure to get him/prevent the enemy from getting him" and if I did, his buff is too short to make much of it anyways. He's mainly there for an extra gold source and a SLIGHT edge of a buff.

One of two solutions
1. Increase the buff duration (but then you'll have to rework his respawn timer as well).
2. Make the buff mean a little more for it's short duration: Maybe add a little more stats other than health regen, and mana regen, but then you'll have to tone down the AS and CDR.

(Actual) Problem 4. Fog of War not so foggy: Recently Riot added a few more changes to Twisted Treeline and made it so you can't see when a champion is on a neutral capture point (which is an interesting change and pretty good), however if you look at the fog of war, you can still see the ring of the altar so you know someone is there, and you can still make an attempt at an ambush if you look (/want to) try hard enough. This isn't the only case of fog of war not working all the way through; if you ever feel like it, you can look at the Vilemaw pit if you think your opponent is doing it; and you'll see the dirt flying from Vilemaw striking the ground, without even having vision of the place.

Solution 1. Well this is more for Riot to fix and it's obvious what needs to be done, unless it's intended to be left in like this for both scenarios.

Problem 5. The Vilemaw Encounter: I'm not saying it's difficult, but it still has random aspects to it; like I know you can split the Vilemaw damage by dividing his room into thirds and having a teammate stand in each third (so that way he can only attack one at a time) but it's still random on who he attacks, sometimes I initiate the fight and make him face the left side of the room, and I get inside of him; however he decides to just turn away to the right at random times and hit my ranged friend.

Solution 1. Make him more proximity based like Baron: Make it more so you can follow that three cut room strategy, but have him still attack in the direction of the person that is closest to him, rather than in a random array. At this point I just use him as another teammate when I get 3 man ganked at top, and engage him to usually get a triple kill at the cost of my own life.

(Debatable) Problem 6. Heavy Reliance on the common Summoner Spells(/the "other" summoner spells not being used): Now this whole idea is even more debatable than the last one (I'm only noting at a small thing in particular), especially since this whole scenario kind of takes a jab at the jungle; and most people might not agree with the problem's statement in general.

You never really see a person pick something other than, Ignite, Exhaust, Ghost, Flash, Cleanse; all of the team fighting combat summoner spells; whenever I see someone pick up Smite I think of it as one less summoner spell to worry about when it comes down to late game team fighting. Whenever I feel like picking CV for fun I always feel awkward when I'm picking it on a big body bruiser or carry champ in general.

Kind of solution to the whatever problem: Add a little more importance to the other summoner spells: Smite feels outdated on the new Twisted Treeline because the jungle is a general pushover, when you see Smite on Summoner's Rift, do you feel like the person is useless? No, you realize the person bears an important role of jungling and securing buffs, barons, and dragons. You could rework smite on Twisted Treeline a little so that the CD is changed to accommodate how the jungle is placed or even make the jungle a tad-bit harsher early on so that way picking up smite doesn't make you feel like you're wasting a slot. Make that Vilemaw buff feel more important to the point you want Smite to secure it.

I'm open to debate on all of these ideas, because I feel the Twisted Treeline has come a long way since it's old iteration (I'll always miss playing on the old map and Ebonmaw), but I feel there are still ways to make this new fun mode even better.

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Big text

Just some debate points that I'd like to put in:

2. There's going to be an item which allows you to see traps near you. On a side note, Grez and Hextech exist you know...

Problem 2:
I'm afraid that map would have to be fundamentally changed to allow for a more "non bruiser" oriented meta. The size and location of everything on the map promotes bruiser play...

Problem 5: Vilemaw: I'm pretty sure Vilemaw attacks the closest person to it O.o

To CV or not to CV: Well Grez and Hextech pretty much eliminate the need for a massive reveal as the meta is bruiser-esque and Grez/Hex checking usually will show you what you need to know.