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Counter Stories. Go.

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Originally Posted by KyrosTheMystic
Kyros sat down at the desk, quietly twiddling his thumbs. The room was dark, the only source of light being a lone window with the moon shining brightly through the plain glass. His silence was broken violently, the man gasping with about the grace of a seizing giraffe. As he settled down, he read the title of the book carefully.

'The Sun Is A Lie; The Ignorant Thrall's Guide to Proper Moon Worship.'

The man scratched his head, looking up as the looming figure of Diana could be seen in the moonlight. She let out a heavy sigh before speaking.

"You are to read this book over the course of the next week, and have it all memorized. Is. That. Clear?"

There was a moment of silence, before the man let out a light chuckle. Diana cocked her brow, groaning a bit.

"What is so funny?"

The man shook his head, picking up the book.

"I don't need to read this, but I want to. I mean, I did choose you."

Diana gave him a stern look, her gaze unwavering. After a few moments, her expression softened somewhat.

"Yes, you did... when others thought my new found powers weren't under control, you stayed with me. You continued to summon me to the Fields, undaunted, until I finally became properly attuned to the Moon."

The man nodded, a smile forming on his lips.

"Indeed. I had... no, have faith in you. As you do the moon. You're my Champion, Diana."

Diana looked the man in the eye, no words spoken between them. As time seemed to creep on, she sighed and turned her back to him.

"By the end of the week. Got it?"

With a light chuckle, the man opened the book as Diana left the room.

"Got it."
counter story:
Scene: IronStylus School of Humanities; room across from Diana's

Professor Leona was giving the class a test on Sunday about Helios ,Apollo and other mythological interpretation of the Sun. Jeslo knew he couldn't study enough by then. Where could he find time to fit in all of reading? Dismissing class, Professor Leona tells all "The Sun always rises ". So with all his energy plus some coffee he began to read. All nighters were fine. But he needed the Dawn. He looked outside his window around 5:00. He notices the figure of Leona in full Solari armor on the campus quad. She is sparring with her old pal and colleague Pantheon , Professor of War in History. He stood there amaze at the combat capabilities of his mentors. He watched til breakfast time. At the table he had his copy of "The Fathers of the Sun: the bright start of Sun mythology."

Another counter story:
Scene: In Zed's Dojo. After Leona and Diana finishes making a mess of the area.

"Disgraceful light lovers." - Zed
Looking up from his notes, The Shadow responds. "Yes, those ignorants worship the same thing. I see not why they must fight."
Turning from the window, Zed faces Shadow to respond: "That is because, they both deal with the glare that blinds. But that same glare creates stark shadows, which we use."
"Yes, by these calculations, they will be getting their dues soon."
"Let me see those calculations." Zed takes up the notes. "No, you forgot to carry the 1 and divide by the Light Constant, multiplied by S."
"Oh, that's right....so, wow, that's tonight."
"Yes, pupil. And now, you will see why secrets kept is power wasted."

-Headlines: Just last night. Leona and Diana were deathly injured in an accident when they bumped into each other. It was so serious, even Soraka couldn't help, so they had to get Gangplank's magical oranges. Then they were 'K.

"I hate GP's OP oranges..."
"Me too..."
Rules are simple. Just make a story that involves both a relevant champion, and you, that champion's student.
You also must refer to yourself in the third person if you are not speaking.