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The New Meta?

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I personally find the new meta in rank game-play is ad bruiser. No one plays squishies anymore in high elo rank game. everyone plays a top champion that has alot of tankiness and damage, same with jungler. no one picks like a squishy nuke champ anymore.

Riot has really out done them selfs in season 3 with these new iteams and nerfs

Example 1: Diana is completly useless( some people may disagree)
Example 2 : What happned to poppy and karma and urgot? all got nerfed hard. ( mana issues, damage, karma= useless, mantra to little)
Example 3: Nerfed oracles.

You can probebly find alot more stupid things they have done with this game.
Everyone hates this game but they play it anyway and its 100% true.

On some random note:

The tribunal is really out of hands, everyone just spams the punhish botton.

Example: ur teammate leaves a game, you rage, you get banned.

Sorry for my English , it isnt my 1st language

and if ur gonna hate and tell me im all rong, just think about it

Where have you been, Urgot was nerfed Season 2, not 3, if anything, the items they added make Urgot much easier to specialize and get into Full Power mode, aka, bye-bye ADC.

You dont see Urgot much, but I promise, he works much much better this season than last season. I still stomp people Mid w/ him, and they never see it coming