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January MCCC - There Will Come Soft Rains

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Please do not post here to advertise champions.

Welcome to January's Monthly Champion Creation Contest! This is a four-week contest to see who can create the most complete and best champion concept within a given set of parameters.

Your hosts this month are yours truly, ObscureClockwork and Moby the White. We will be judging you this month (hopefully) , after hosting last month and having a great time. This is a really fun contest; I hope a lot of you join in.

As far as judging goes, just like last month, we will (hopefully) have more than one judge. We will be judges, and we will try to have 2-3 more. As done before, if you wish to be a judge, review a non-winning champion from the December MCCC using this month’s judging rubric. We will be accepting additional judges, and I wont accept someone who is not a good reviewer. Remember, if you judge, you cannot compete in the competition!

Week 1: Abilities!
Contestants must come up with an Innate (Passive), Q, W, E, and R for their champion. They must relate to the theme and be unique. No numbers are required at this point, but descriptions of the ability's mechanics (if they aren't obvious) will help. AFTER WEEK 1, SIGN-UPS ARE CLOSED.

Week 2: Lore!
Write the background story for your champion, like the Lore of current canon champions. Roughly 400-500 words in a two- to three- paragraph format works best, and can be adjusted even after Prelims.

Champions who do not meet the theme and challenges will be eliminated, as will champions who lack lore or are missing abilities. Those who pass move on to Weeks 3 and 4.

Week 3: Stats!
Contestants must develop base stats and stats related to their abilities during this week.

Week 4: Judging
Judgment week! Contestants will be eliminated until the winner and runner-ups have been found; they will be judged using this rubric:

Abilities: (X/25)
Do the abilities work well together, resulting in fun combos for summoners to employ? Are the numbers balanced compared to similar abilities? Is each ability worth putting points in?

Story: (X/5)
Does the story fit sense and fit in with other champions' Lore? Does the story adequately explain the champion's abilities? Is it within a reasonable length?

Stats: (X/5)
Are the Champion's stat numbers within reason? Are they within the proper boundaries and neither too big nor too small? Do they fit the champion's intended role? Does the champions base stats fit with the rest of the champions in the league (30 magic resist, no base AP, etc.).

Gameplay: (X/5)
Does the champion as a whole make people want to play it? Is it fun to play as? Is it fun to play against? Is it different from champions that already exist in the game? Is the interface and targeting confusing or streamlined? Do enemies have some way to counterplay your mechanics, or are they dead no matter how well they play? Note: if they are dead no matter how they play, that’s bad.

Theme and Challenges
Did the Champion and his/her abilities fit the Theme? Do they satisfy the challenges mapped out for them? Champions who cannot pass the Theme and Challenges are disqualified, and that’s that.

- - -

Week 1: January 4 – January 11
Week 2: January 10 – January 18
Prelims: January 17 – January 19
Week 3: January 18 – January 25
Judging: January 23 – January 31

There's no limit on how many people can sign up for Week 1, but champions without complete lore or abilities will be eliminated.


In addition, if you fail to complete your abilities and/or story by the time their respective weeks end, you will be eliminated. Don't argue - you've been warned. Just for clarification, however, you CAN scrap/edit a champion concept and start over after week 1 is over so long as you met the deadlines for your previous champion(s). However, you cannot do this once Week 2 has ended.

This doesn't mean you have to "come up with an idea before coming up with an idea". You can post lore and stats early, you just need four abilities and an innate up. Even if they don't meet the challenges, I won't disqualify you for that after week 1. I only check the theme/challenges part during prelims and judging.

Now, onto the Theme and Challenges!

There Will Come Soft RainsThe End is here! Or was it. Well, i would like to congratulate you all for surviving thus far! Good, so, your mission is to design a champion built to survive the Apocalypse. Might be tanky and bulky, or fast and light. Overall, Surviving the end is the theme.

Scavengers Surviving the end requires more than brains and brawn. It requires self sufficiency. Your champions must have a way of deriving power from elsewhere Examples including Irelia's passive (from champions), Kass's pulse (from spell use) Maokai's passive (from spell use) Be creative!

Adaptation Nature goes on, even when you are dead. Lets make sure you adapt so you don't die. Your champion must have some form of multiple skills on one slot This includes Nid/Elise/Jayce, but also can include Riven (lightly, from her R), Lee sin, and Fizz.

As judges, we cannot enter our own contest, neither can any of the judges, but if you have any questions about the requirements I am happy to answer them. If you want to learn how to design a good champion look here
it contains amazing information that will revolutionize how you design champions.

Don’t forget, no using already existing champions, as that defeats the purpose.

Good Luck and Have Fun! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

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Constetant List
Pg 1

  • Kelvin, the Quantum Vanguard - Mookomaan
  • Lerach, Bane of the Void - Green Earth Guy
  • Jack Russel, The Zombie Hunter - sSs RVNCommander
Pg 2
  • Remus, the Adept Craftsman - Espy Psyche
  • Jethro, Zombie Survivor - phocomelus
  • Iatro the Hextech Guardian. - 1dislike
  • Atamun II, Magocrat - Raptamei
Pg 3
  1. Ryne, the Dimension Escapee - Pirateelfdog
  2. Dracul, the night spawn - Nacoran
  3. Reginald, the Mace Destroyer - SuperSulf
  4. Genesis, the Harbinger of Evolution - Still Eternity
Pg 4
  • Arabael, the Psionic Shield - BlackJubilee
  • Khawlah, Icathia Unrelenting - Sigismund
  • Osman, the Last Breath - Dithreabhach
  • Ruby, the Bounty Hunter - Munkey20
Pg 5
  • Terrus, (cant find title) - SwaggerOats
  • Blazer - The Knight of Shadow Flames - Killerpool
  • Elaruss, The Eternal Wanderer/The Forgotten Nemesis - Flintlock
  • Nesyrith, the Last Dryad - GrimVesperian
Pg 6 + 7
  • Champion: Imkor, the Maiden of the Matrix - Keledrath
  • Spencer, The Wanderer - Fungusfingers
  • Zack - The Devil Spear - Killerpool
  • Xugurlna’Quar - NA Rukhron
  • Stil, The Desert Shaman - DryRun

If there are any mistakes, or missing entries, let me know

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sSs RVNCommander

Junior Member


How/Where do we sign up for this?

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Poeta Somnium

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Hey Clockwork! Just letting you know I've linked this into the Council's main thread. ^_^

GL & HF everybody!

~ Poet

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Poet Ultima:
Hey Clockwork! Just letting you know I've linked this into the Council's main thread. ^_^

GL & HF everybody!

~ Poet

cool, thanks
Maybe you could have a section just for these contests?

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Still Eternity

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sSs RVNCommander:
How/Where do we sign up for this?

It's really simply. You just post your concept on this Forum Page and you're set!

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Kelvin, the Quantum Vanguard

A concept for a "Ranged Tank". Was trying something different here.

Uses a resource called "Mass", a 4 point bar with increased effects on spells, becoming more potent as the bar is filled. Using a spell will drain the bar of 1 point. The bar is filled upon taking spell damage (1 per spell) or by taking 3 basic attacks, filling 1 point.

The wonders of the natural universe are always something to consider, but to Kelvin, they are an obsession.
Or were, until that fateful day ten million years ago on Runeterra.

The day was calm, but the civilization Kelvin belonged to was buzzing in anticipation of the long awaited breakthrough in faster than light technology. Among his people he was a warrior and scientist who stood up to those who would threaten the great strides of his people's technology. A role model of sorts, it was deemed necessary that the best choice to wield this tech was Kelvin himself. Stepping on the platform that was shielded with anti-matter, he could not help but shake with excitement and fear. The tests shown questionable results on various objects but well within reason, plus the field Kelvin's suit emitted helped warp the space fabric around him. Hooked up to the machine that was powering the field, he switched on his gravity field to draw inward. At that moment, the scientist team turned the switch and the anti-matter field wrapped itself onto Kelvin's being. Mixing with the gravatic field of the suit and Kelvin's being, the anti-matter buzzed and hummed, twisting in constant motion around and through him. It seemed to usurp the electronic fields of the various bionic implants among his body. He felt he could control it, releasing the ever-constant moving field outward.
To his shock, an opposing faction attacked the moment he was expanding his field. While still hooked up to the machine, one of the assailants threw an explosive device to the generator, stopping the flow of anti-matter. Everything around the outside of him was becoming increasingly blue to the point of blinding light. It took seconds to notice the anti-matter field was not moving. Increasing the gravity on himself, the field subverted inwards and the Anti-matter started to spin again, shifting the atmosphere around him to a reddish hue until finally he could control it. Was this faster than light observed at point zero?, Kelvin questioned himself. At that moment the reddish hue disappeared and the blinding light around him burst away. To his dismay, he was in the middle of a forest, watching the most curious sight ever;
A Yordle picking up mushrooms, looking questionably at him.

Stats and Description

Damage - 52 (+3.4 / per level) 113 at level 18
Health - 465 (+83 / per level) 1959 at level 18
Move Speed - 335
Armor - 18 (+3.5 / per level) 81 at level 18
Spell Block - 30 (+1.25 / per level) 32.5 at level 18
Health Regen - 4 (+1.1 / per level) 23.8 at level 18

Kelvin does best when played as a tank, getting into the fray for more damage output for his team, and also increasing better ganking outcome. He is also intended to be played as a bruiser, that is, if the items allow. Due to his large cooldowns, it is highly suggested to save attacks for when you commit to fighting or ganking.
Most of Kelvin's spells direct toward timed coordinated attacks with his team, suggesting that he may jungle as well. He is best played top.

Kelvin bears a tech-suit, bearing red power lines above a black-carbon fiber base that have energy ports that connect to his person. Broader areas have a aqueous colored armor about them, being metallic as they are. Encompassing him is a black-transparent sphere with a swirling white aura around it, forming a ball encasing his fist when he attacks, becoming larger as he both crits and as they near the edge of his attack range.
He is of average height, dark skinned with no hair, and given his armor composition, doesn't seem heavily armored.

-Whenever Kelvin gains mass, the light around him starts to bend, and the anti-matter spins faster and more unstable.
-the aura changes colors when quantum shifting.


Passive: Center of mass

- The closer enemies are to you, the more spell damage they take from any source (to a maximum of 12%, and a minimum for 3%), decreasing per 100 range and increasing damage by 2% per mass bar point.
Deals an additional 10% attack damage if enemy is at full attack range, decreasing by 2.5% per 100 range as the enemy gets nearer. (490 range for both effects, which is pretty much your attack range.)

Q: Quantum Field
-sustained Area of Effect around Kelvin, where, over 3 seconds, enemies take 20/30/40/50/60 + 40% AP in magic damage, and also 13/16/19/22/25% of damage done to you in this time is shared amongst any enemy champions that are near you.
Mass Bonus: slows enemies by 10% per mass point (max 40%) for the duration

Cooldown: 17/15/13/11/9 seconds

W: Gravity Well

-Deals 25/40/55/70/85 + 20% AD, + 60% AP in 50/50 damage (physical and magic) over 3 seconds on a target within 650 range, and tags them with a debuff; Any enemy champion near them has their attack speed and movement speed slowed by 12/14/16/18/20%. Any allied units moving toward that target within 800 range has a 22/24/26/28/30% move speed increase.
Mass Bonus: increases damage done to that target by 5% per mass point.

Cooldown: 22/20/18/16/14 seconds

E: Blue Shift/Red Shift

Blue Shift is available when moving toward an enemy, while Red Shift is available/active when moving away from an enemy. active when enemy champs are within 800 range, or when taking damage from any minion or monster.
*stances take 0.5 seconds to switch effects*

Blue shift
-passive: Gain 12/14/16/18/20% attack speed.
-active: gain 20/24/28/32/36% move speed for 2 seconds. next attack/spell within 5 seconds deals 10% more damage
Mass Bonus: damage percentage increases by 8% per mass point.

Red shift
-passive: reduces all damage types from behind by 8/9/10/11/12%, and slows enemy move speed by 20 units.
-active: gain 12% of your health in a shield for 4 seconds, and a 10/20/30/40/50 armor and MR boost as well. (remains active when turning around to face the enemy)
Mass Bonus: damage reduction increases by 1% per mass point on the passive.

Both shifts share the same active cooldown: 6 seconds

R: F.T.L. (Faster Than Light)

-Renders surrounding allies within 600 range of you invisible (including yourself), leaving a "clone" of their former selves in their stead (like Wukong's clone). Gives affected allies 20/30/40% move speed, and based on their distance travelled, their next spell/attack deals 20/25/30% increased damage up to 50/60/70%. Lasts 2.5 seconds.
Mass Bonus: increases time by 0.5 seconds per mass point, consuming all gathered mass.

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Green Earth Guy

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Last contest was a lot of fun, so I am going to enter again

The separate thread for this champ is here


Last contest was a lot of fun, so I am going to enter again

Lerach, Bane of the Void

After the last of the Rune Wars, the denizens of Runeterra enjoyed a long lasting peace. However, the end of Runeterra was near, and some knew of this way before others. During the time of peace, a man named Kassadin explored the ruins of Icathia, a dark and unknown place south of the Great Barrier. There, he learned of a horrible land named the Void, where monstrosities threatened to consume Runeterra. Kassadin was forced to take in some of the alien energies found there in order to survive. Even though Kassadin knew of this place, he didn't know what would come next.

Malzahar was opening a portal to the Void. He traveled to Icathia, and summoned creatures of unknown capability to consume Runeterra once and for all. They took pleasure in this, and soon, the great kingdoms of Demacia, Noxus, and Ionia were no more. Kassadin went to the top of Mount Targon to see if he could summon some warriors to help fight the creatures off. When he arrived, most of the warriors were dead. However, there was one that was determined to survive. Lerach, a warrior of incredible might, was defending the mountain, along with other brave warriors such as Pantheon and Leona. Together, they fought off the horde of creatures, and gave a small beacon of hope for the remaining survivors of the Void invasion.

Base Stats
Health: 447(+75)
Health Regen: 6.5(+0.6)
Mana: 230(+27)
Mana Regen: 6.5(+0.5)
Range: 175
Attack Damage: 54(+3)
Attack Speed: 0.672(+2.7%)
Armor: 16 (+3.5)
Magic Resistance: 30
Movement Speed: 350


Passive: Scars of the Fallen
Every time an allied minion is killed within 1000 units of Lerach, he gains bonus damage, based on 5% of his total AD (caps at 5 stacks). Lasts for 5 seconds.

Every time an allied champion is killed within 1000 units of Lerach, he gains bonus damage based on 10% of his total AD and a 10% movement speed boost (this effect does not stack. If another allied champion is killed before the effect is over, the effect resets) Lasts for 10 seconds.

Q: Crippling Slash

Lerach's next basic attack deals 50/75/100/125/150 (+0.5 per attack damage) bonus physical damage and slows the target for 2 seconds.

W: No Remorse
Lerach gains 30%/40%/50%/60%/70% bonus attack speed for 5 seconds. If Lerach kills an enemy champion during this effect, the cooldown of this skill is refreshed.

E: Relentless Charge/Vengeance for the Dead
Lerach charges in a line towards the target location, dealing 40/60/80/100/120 (+0.4 per attack damage) ignoring unit collision while dashing. If Lerach hits an enemy champion while dashing, he stuns them for 1 second and is allowed to cast Vengeance for the Dead

Vengeance for the Dead: Lerach immediately gains his second passive effect, and gains an additional 3%/6%/9%/12%/15% movement speed bonus.

R: Final Stand
Lerach gains both of his passive bonuses (5 stacks for the first passive effect) immediately and gains a shield which blocks 500/650/800 (+5% of health missing) damage and lasts for 10 seconds. The passive bonuses also last for the duration of this effect.

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sSs RVNCommander

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Jack Russel, The Zombie Hunter

Jack is a semi-ranged bruiser. He has short ranged abilities and a knock-back. He should be built like a typical bruiser and should try to apply as much damage as possible
to a group of enemies. Even though his Q's damage is diminished by the number of people hit, he excels at dealing massive amounts of AoE damage.

Outrun the Freaks (Passive):
After every attack, Jack gains +5 movement speed for a few seconds. This effect can stack 5 times.

Q: Shotgun Sling
Jack takes both of his shotguns from his back and blasts all targets within a 45 degree cone for (70/90/110/130/150 + (0.4 per attack damage)/# of people in cone).
The damage is split by the number of people inside the cone.

W:Get Away!
Jack uses his wooden plank to bash away anyone in front of him dealing a 20/30/40/50/60 +(0.1 per attack damage) physical damage
and slowing everyone affected by 40%. Each enemy hit will apply a stack of Outrun the Freaks up to
its cap.

Jack leaps to a target stuning them for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds. When he lands on them, he straps C4 to their head.
After activating the ability a second time, Jack will detonate the C4 dealing 50/65/80/95/110 + (0.3 per attack damage) physical damage
to everyone around the target. The target will take 1.5x the damage that everyone else
takes. This ability applies stacks of Outrun the Freaks.

Ultimate: Apocalypse THIS!
Jack switches his weapon to the minigun he carries and unloads his entire ammo belt into
all enemies infront of him dealing high amounts of damage for 5 seconds. Each attack deals
40/50/60 + (0.3 per attack damage) - (5% per 50 distance) physical damage. If an enemy dies,
Jack can pick up additional ammo and increase the amount of time his ult lasts. Enemy minions
increase the ultimate by 0.25 seconds, and enemy champions killed increase the time by 1 second.
His ult can only last for a maximum of 10 seconds.
Each enemy hit applies Outrun the Freaks.

Jack grew up in a small town near Demacia. He lived there all his life and did not get much
interferance with the outsidew world. One day, his town was the epicenter of a void opening and
creatures poured out from the void and began infecting the townsfolk with a plague that turned
them into mindless zombies. As the infection began to spread throughout the town, some people
began to take up arms against them. Jack was one of those people defending the town from the
void zombies.

As the fight went on, more and more people were infected, leaving more and more zombies
to fight against. Soon, there were too many to defend against, and the survivors had to leave.
They fled to the kingdom of Demacia, where Jack had led those who were still alive. As they left,
the only thing left of the town were the memories of the survivors of the town that once had been.
Jack walked the streets of Demacia mourning the lives that were lost with guild bearing down upon him.
He was guilty for the lives that he could not have saved and it drove him to insanity. He can only remember
fighting the void freaks and can not remember how to live normally. He was accustomed to fighting, so when he
heard about the League, he went to live the only way he knows how...with shotguns in hand.

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Senior Member


My god... my first *real* champ this year fits this theme so well. Is it okay to enter in a concept I drew up 2 days ago and haven't worked on yet?

Link Here (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2965876)

or does it have to fit every theme?