The difficulty bars on the champions

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You know how Riot took the time to measure out these stats on champions and most of the stats are pretty inaccurate past level 3?

The difficulty ratings on a lot of these champions are very accurate and should be followed. It is very depressing to see people playing ezreal in 1300 elo. To elaborate on this farther, I'm not saying that ezreal is bad. I'm not saying that its depressing to see ezreal in 1300 elo. But the amount of missed skillshots when you could have just played caitlyn and benefitted from the range, or ashe and rarely miss the skillshot (actually I've seen people miss horribly but thats for another story)...

Anyway, please take into account the difficulty bars of the champions when you're trying them out for the first time. And please don't play difficult champions in ranked with under 10 normal wins with them, or you'd have been better off playing an easy champion.