How to beat AD mids

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How do you beat Talon, Pantheon, Zed, Kha'zix and Lee Sin?

Gragas. This guy is so dang tanky without any items. Free damage reduction? Hell yeah. Build tanky AP items like RoA? Hell yeah. And even if you've messed up, you can belly flop away! Super tanky, super safe. Heck, he even pumps the mad deeps. Check the base damages on his Q, E and R. They're pretty bonkers.

Malzahar. Don't mind me, I'm just using E once and farming ten billion creeps. Oh what's that? You wanna fight? You're suppressed and dead now. You can't zone this guy, and you can't beat him if you go all in. Towerdiving him is the worst idea you could ever have, and he can kill you under tower no problem until QSS.

Kennen. Dude, this guy goes top to counter people like Yorick and Garen. It's hilarious to suggest he can't beat the **** out of these pathetic AD mids. This guy is a laning machine. He's a caster who eats bruisers for breakfast. You can't even fight back because you're stunned! This guy doesn't even need blue buff, you're screwed 24/7.

Lux. 2 second snare one point? Sounds like a deal to me. Infinite range too? Sounds awesome. Can't approach her at all. Oh? They're roaming? She can counter gank from her lane. Also has the greatest laugh in the game by far. Can't beat that.

Post more counters to these FotM AD mid bads so they can cry OP.