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Need advice please

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Il1 King I1l

Junior Member


I am sort of scared of my account becoming banned because of the tribunal. I feel like there is no way to make it a perfect game obviously and there is no way to make it easier to punish bad people from the game but I am scared I could get banned because of it.

I will start out by saying I am not perfect, and I have said things in the past and have gotten temp bans for it. I realize I was wrong in some of these cases and I am trying to improve.

I will say however, that in about 70-80% of the games that you lose (mainly in ranked) people always say "reported" or something similar to that after the game. And it doesn't even mean someone intentionally fed, or was disrespectful, but the way the tribunal seems to be working is if you get reported 3+ times you get a ban.

On another point, I do think that a lot of people say bad things in chat and are reported for the, but it is unfair because they were antagonized. If you really read the chat when people say you suck, or anything bad the other person is going to come back with something bad. Obviously it is bad but it is just nature and how people are.

I am scared for myself and my account because I had a game where i went 1-5 and lost because of a couple close trades, and then a good player on their team just snowballs. Then I get reported for feeding. I don't think it should be a thing that everyone just wants to report everyone at the end of the game, it just isn't fun. I usually play any role on this account and stay about 1600-1700 elo, I have also played on other accounts at 1200 elo, and on my account where i play only mid at 2000 elo and it still happens, so it is not just one type of players that do this.

I am asking what I can do to prevent getting banned in the future? I would just mute everyone at the beginning of the game, but then would have lack of communication and probably get reported for "refusing to communicate". I feel like their is no way to not get reported. Please help, any response is gratefully appreciated

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Exploding Barrel

Senior Member


To clarify, have you been warned or anything? I'm interpreting this to mean you haven't had any actual punishments but are concerned about it.

It sounds like you're worried about nothing though, and shouldn't stress about it. To even get a Tribunal case you have to have at least 10 times as many reports as the average player. We all get a few false or undeserved reports, and even if you're unlucky or have a streak of bad games and get double what most other people get, that's not enough to worry about.

Also, red posters have pointed out that people who threaten to report actually follow through with it a surprisingly small amount of the time, so you probably don't have as many reports against you as you think.