Minor and Major bug Problems noticed by my friends and I

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NME Isaackaz

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This is just a small list of bugs that My friends and I have noticed since the most recent patch. I have LoL replay if a Red see's this and wants to view the problems.

Mui Thai Lee Sin skin- Particles on every skill are replaced by the Flash image.-Note- This happened only on Summoners Rift, and made playing Lee Sin nearly Impossible , for the particles for the player of the champ were so large that auto attacking became a hassle.

Master Yi- Cooldown is not visible to player on his Q.- Note- This was found to happen on every map in every game type on random occasions, and makes playing AP Yi quite a distraction.

Brolaf Skin- Particles on True damage were also replaced by Flash image on Proving grounds only.

Karthus - Particles on Enemy Karthus Wall of Pain were replaced by Flash image on Proving grounds only, and would only happen to the enemy team. -Note- This seemed to only effect on the pillars of the wall.

Black squares on Mini Map on Proving grounds- Champion icon's on mini map were surrounded by a black square that had about the same length as the diameter of the Icon circle.

Riven- Found that if skills were done in a certain order in a certain time frame, Riven with Battle Bunny Skin (not sure if the skin has anything to do with this, yet to be tested yet) can "Q" 4 to 6 times in one burst.

I'll be adding on to this should I find any more, and should anyone else find a bug, comment and I will add it to this list.