Between War and Murder (Riven)

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Hello all! I fell in love with Riven's persona, and, despite not being a fan fiction writer, I've been thinking about giving it a go. I've done a sort of profile, and I'd love if people could go take a look at it and give me feed back/ suggestions. The link will be posted below, under the synopsis.

"There is a place between war and murder, in which our demons lurk.''

The horrors of war have often opened the eyes of many soldiers. But for Riven, a once honorable and respectable warrior of Noxus, life will never be the same. After seeing her own superiors flee as she and her division were attacked by Singed, a crazed chemists, she thrusts herself into self-imposed exile as she questions her own survival, existence, and her once beloved Noxus, in hopes of discovering a new path. As she stumbles along, a rumored battle of great proportions begins to capture her attention, so she heads towards this legendary league in hopes of finding her answers there.] LINK

So far I just wrote a short prologue, which is almost completely the events described by LoL for Riven. The exception to this is that I created a character to give Riven a more in depth and tragic back story, should I continue.

*PS: If I can't post the link, I will instead just post the story. Not sure about all the rules. Just let me know.*