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@kitae: Advancing the Lore and a Story Queue

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I'll start by posting something I saw on another forum that I really liked.

While I'm wishing for things, I'd wish they would intergrate more lore into the game. I think a given excuse was that people weren't invested into it, but they never really put forth the effort in investing the player base into it.

I know Adobe Air will break if you so much as slightly sneeze at it, but how hard would it be to set up another queue type for a 'story mode?'

Right now, we were in the midst of Demacian vs Noxus with LeBlanc and her Beard starting fights with Swain to cause Demacian and Noxus forces to fight. When the 'Summoners' finally get involved into the deal, Riot opens up a new queue for players to play: You can queue for Demacia or Noxus. It's 5v5, 3v3, Dominion, whatever is suitable for the story. Champions here are free to play, like free-week, and consist of whatever side you signed up on; Garen only being able for Demacia, while Katarina would be Noxus side. Use non-aligned champions (Nasus, Kayle, Rammus) to fill out some weaknessses while keeping within their lore (Kayle/Morgana won't be on the same side, for example, or may always appear on opposing queues).

As players win games for their side, it's totalled up, and after X amount of time, the release the results; making that 'Canon' and going on with the next step in the story. If a character is taken out for a reason (Garen captured by enemy forces, Swain wounded), you can easily remove them from the roster.

Combine this with small rewards for actively choosing a side (5 games played rewards you with a summoner icon, or putting that achivement system in place) while locking out the other choice, and you'll have people queueing up for the system. It actively involves them in the lore(Why is Syndra playing against Ionian roster?); gives them rewards for participating, and shakes things up from time to time. Additionally it allows champions that arn't normally on the free-roster to be tried out, so champions like Trundle or Cassopia or Yorick can be used from time to time.

It's been a really long time since Ionia vs. Noxus and there hasn't been anything along those lines since. Letting players get involved with the story through gameplay is one of the best ways of furthering the lore of the world - it drives new lore as milestones are reached and directly invests the playerbase into the background and characters.

Which is not to say that this is a perfect idea. For example, if you're playing as Noxus...there are virtually no support champions. While this is an in-universe characteristic of Noxus, where strength is paramount and a purely supportive role doesn't really fit, it would mean a wider roster would have to be available to each side. That said, the principle is sound, and this would go a long way towards both expanding the lore further (seriously, virtually nothing has happened in Runeterra in over six months now!) and getting the playerbase - new and old - interested and invested in the lore. And for those who aren't or don't care, the normal queues would still be available!

League has a lot of available depth for lore and seeing it lie static and dormant is disappointing. Get the players involved and let them have an effect! It's great for furthering the lore and opening new avenues to explore, as well as building upon what we already know and have. Other funky matchups and rivalries could pop up! Zaun vs. Piltover! Ionia tests their best against Demacia! Everyone vs. Teemo! Think of the possibilities! Don't let this go to waste!

I hope you guys will at least see and consider this idea. I think it would be great for the lore and longevity of League of Legends and well worth the implementation!