( PBE ) Mid Speed Shrine is now a relic that restores HP/Mana/Energy and grants MvS

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Angela Anderson

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Originally Posted by RiotNome View Post
Trying it out as a replacement for the Speed Shrine. May or may not eventually have a jungle mob spawn at Vilemaw's position as well (until Vilemaw spawns). Speed Shrine had to go though
The idea of contesting objectives by standing on them or running into them seems so unnatural to me. I much prefer fighting for objectives in the style of baron/dragon in 5s or the old dragon in 3s. Fight for vision, poke, and if you win the poke battle hard enough, kill a neutral monster. As opposed to physically being at a target location and being rewarded simply for standing there.

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Bad idea is bad, Having a relic seems so unnatural. The speed boost solidified teamwork rather than fighting over an object. Having a health pack seems unnecessary as we already have vilemaw and alters to fight over. Now just another objective to waste time with in 3s. If these games take as long as SR they will lose a lot of supporters.