Razer or Steelseries for mice/surfaces

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Sir Baggington

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It is to my understanding that Steeleries is better for gaming mice and Razer is better for gaming surfaces (mouse pads). I want to know which (based on experience) brand you prefer for each item.

tldr: Which brand has the best mice and which brand has the best mouse pads.

ty all who reply with useful information.

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Razer mice are great mice performance wise, not longevity imho. I've owned 3 different Razer mice, and only 1 made it past a year. The 2 that died were different models and both had their lasers stop working. I have a razer mouse pad and i absolutely love that. I personally have never used steelseries products, so i can't say about them. But for mice, check into the Cyborg R.A.T. 7. If u do end up getting that mouse, u won't ever want a different one again.