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Should Map themes be added?

Yes 7 77.78%
No 1 11.11%
Doesnt Matter to Me 1 11.11%
Voters 9 .

Idea: New Summoner Rift Themes and Theme select

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Mustafa Jabaar

Junior Member


Before I start please know that I do not want a new map added I just want different skins for the Summoner's Rift Map.

Like the Snowy Summoner's Rift they usually put on around winter or the Spooky Summoner's rift they add for the Halloween season i believe that different themes for Summoner's rift should be added and made able to be voted on before the game starts.

This should just be added for cosmetic appeal and should not change any ingame mechanics. Right after champions are locked in there could be a 15 second window where summoners vote on which map theme they play on and the most voted wins. Just so the votes are not spread evenly there should be 3 themes chosen at random that the summoner's can choose from.

If anyone has anything else to add to this please do.