Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge?

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I'm having issues choosing between them. Often enough, my team criticizes me for choosing one over the other, and now I'm just confused on what to build. Is it a matter of wanting sustain over crits, or is it more complex than that? Should ALL ADCs build one over the other FIRST, or is it character specific or something else?

I mainly play Caitlyn and Varus. Sometimes I'll play Vayne.

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vayne/kog - BoRK
corki/ez - Triforce
anyone else - IE

reason: IE and BT give the same amount of AD now so they work equally well with ad casters, but crit gives a bigger power spike compared to lifesteal. 2 dorans will be enough to keep yourself sustained, which is the main purpose of lifesteal at this stage in the game. BT's big lifesteal won't be getting you out of sticky situations with your current amount of dps then, which is it's supposed function as a defensive sustain item. Thus, pointless to get early.

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I main Caitlyn and this is my build:

Start: Dorans / Health pot
First back (1550+ gold): BF Sword (boots, refill health pots)
(1549- gold): Pickaxe, Boots, refill health pots
(Low gold): Second Dorans
Early Build: BF Sword > T1 Boots > IE > Zeal > Berserkers Greaves > Phantom Dancer
This works well because you have good AD, Crit, and Attack speed, so you become a huge threat.
Afterwards is game dependent but most times will include a Last Whisper, Bloodthirster and Guardian Angel. Enchant the boots with furor or homeguard. Don't sell the Dorans until you build other lifesteal.

Hope that helps!