thoughts please

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There's his report card.

Reasons for ban? Things like this:

Miss Fortune [00:32:09] NO ONE ****ING STARTS THE FIGHT
Miss Fortune [00:32:12] YOU ARE ****ING SCARED

Graves [00:10:27] cauyse i dont get the trash like you

Graves [00:11:18] NO JHELP
Graves [00:11:20] NO HELP
Graves [00:11:23] NO HELP
Graves [00:11:24] GGG
Graves [00:11:24] G
Graves [00:11:24] G
Graves [00:11:25] G

Nocturne [00:26:46] NOOP
Nocturne [00:26:47] KOG
Nocturne [00:26:47] WTF
Nocturne [00:26:50] ARE YOU DOING
Nocturne [00:26:58] THIS IS WHY WERE LOSING

For some reason your last tab has no chat. :|