League Causing Computer to Freeze

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Disco Disco

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Hey guys,

League has been causing some issues recently. Once in a while (a little less than once a week) league will freeze up my entire computer, and I am forced to shut it down by holding down the power button. This is an issue I only have with league as it has never happened in any other game or while browsing the web.

Some have suggested it was a driver issue, but everything is up to date. Others say it is a memory leak caused by league but I am running 16 GB of RAM and do not think that could be the issue/ don't know how to solve a memory leak. Temps have also been checked and my CPU/GPU temps are average for what I have.

I just want to try and figure out why league is causing my entire computer to crash occasionally so I can start playing ranked without having to worry that any second my computer may freeze.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!