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2k / Diamond players looking for top laner for ranked 5s team

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Sir Jungleton

Senior Member


Looking for a replacement top laner, our top at the moment only plays nidalee and some games nid doesn't work with the combo we want to play. Looking for someone that mains brusiers in particular, or teemo.

<Bruisers that can front line (Wukong would be amazing)
<Malphite if hes open
<Elise if your amazing at her.

Must be 1900+ NO exceptions. This is a high skill team, we face pros almost everytime we play that stream our games with over 20k viewers. Expect a challenge, Be a teamplayer, Be vocal on skype (cooldowns, summoners, enemy ward placement, buy wards for team), Most of all have fun!!

Rem 1900+ PLZ.

Add me in game for more info!