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Heimerdinger and Liandra's Torment

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As it is right now, Heimerdinger is the only champion that has an ability (the turrets) that don't proc Liandra's Torment or Rylai's. The closest champion with a similar ability is Singed Q, as it is a multi target ability that hits multiple enemies and is very easy to use.

I know that some people think that Liandra's Torment would be OP on Heimerdinger (5% damage every shot OP!) but Singed's Q is almost the same in terms of how it applies and works. If Singed, who has a great kit and great stats, can use Liandra's AND Rylai's, Heimerdinger should too.

Here is what I propose:
Liandra's Torment procs on Heimerdinger's turrets for a lower amount (3%)
Rylai's procs on Heimerdinger's turrets for a lower amount (it's a multi target spell) (15%)
Spell Vamp procs on Heimerdinger's turrets for a lower amount 50% of max.

Right now Heimerdinger is in a weak spot. It makes no sense for items that work with Singed's Q to not work on Heimerdinger's Turrets.