Lee Sin build idea...maybe?

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So I've recently been playing Lee Sin every time that I can (in normal games) and I've gotten into the habit of building up an aegis first. Not sure if this was the best build so I got to thinking and searched some guides but...

...I have a question, how is Lee Sin with Cooldown Reduction? I was looking back at some past games of mine and realized how often I used my W shield to either save teamates or to save myself by getting out of a fight fast, but then also in a lot of fights I still had a few seconds on my W which made me think, what if it was less of a CD? I might of just lived. So I was thinking of getting a Kindlegem that could have strong potential in the mid game. Though first, I need to find out if Kindlegem is worth it.

In a standard game I rush a Wriggles into tier 1 boots and get a Ruby Crystal next which from there my build all depends on how the game is going. If I want a little extra damage, go Phage. Want mid-late game tankiness, get Aegis. If I wanted to be warding more for control of the map I would go for Sightstone and then upgrade it to Ruby Sightstone. If I am super fed early then I would skip the Crystal and build Brutalizer first then the Ruby Crystal to finish Black Cleaver. Late game builds would usually always vary per game. I wanted to know though, when would it be beneficial for me (if ever) to build CDR early?

To continue on into the late/mid game with a Kindlegem might end up not helping too much but the upgrades seem nice in certain scenarios...

  1. 1. With the current amount of AD Bruiser/Assassin Mids happening, I thought if I got a team with lots of AD on it a Zeke's would be nice because in team fights I'll either lead the charge and be with the Bruiser's/Assassin's or in the back with the ADC, giving whoever I stand with a strong buff.
  2. 2. Or I could go Locket of the Iron Solari (yes, I know it is very uncommonly grabbed. I personally haven't seen it yet in S3) for more shielding. Referring to my comment above of how often I try saving teammates from an ignite or bleed with my shield, sometimes it's not enough. Would a little extra be good and beneficial? In severe cases it could deny kills against my opponents. In teamfights during late game when I am with my ADC peeling it could help save them a little bit of health or myself some. Every shield always helps in my eyes.
  3. 3. Last choice is Spirit Visage, which isn't that bad of an item anymore. I think that in a game where the opposing team has two or more AP characters then bonus MR mid game wouldn't hurt you. But also if I didn't have any champions on my team that can heal it might be a little less helpful, and with lifesteal from W health gain would definitely go up.

I considered Shureliya's a little but I don't think that Lee needs extra bonus speed. Of course it always helps, but if my team really needed it then I would guess that the support would be grabbing it.

So, now that I have gone on for awhile. Would a Kindlegem help or hinder a Lee Sin? In just thinking I would guess that it would help, but I personally haven't done any math. Thanks for reading, would appreciate any feedback and assistance.