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How can i be a betta malphite??

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I play malphite as a jungler, and well, when I play him in normal games, it's too easy and I wreck everything. ( im a 1300 elo player btw)
When I play in ranked games , I end up being wrecked.
so any tips for jungle malphite?
like what to build?

another question I have is about jungling in general.
I really don't know where to gank. Do I camp lanes, or roam? Do I help out only the lanes that are suffering. When is it time to gank, when is it time to farm? Those are some question I have, but i'd like some other tips about jungling.

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Depends on team comp. If you have 4 squishies, it is harder to play jungle malph because you got to stack defense and that slows down the jungle speed later in the game.

If you have already a bruiser or two, go for something like wriggles tabi triforce BT. Then a bit more tank like aegis, randuins or banshees.

If you have 4 squishies ... then no choice to go full tank and pray their arent bad. Then do something like tabi, sightstone, frozen hearth, bulkward, thornmail, randuins.

In season 2 you didnt need more than randuins for bonus hp then stack armor and mr. In season 3 i didnt test that much but using a 2nd hp boost like bulkward (spelling ?!?) banshees, spirit visage or sunfire should do the trick. If u see a 5x BC crackhead or sometin crazy consider getting warmogs instead. Works well with spirit visage to stay high on hp.

You want to gank lanes that gets pushed in the early game, since you will have more time to make use of your slow that way. From lvl 6 just spot a low hp sob, ping it, make sure ur teamates notice by getting closer then pop em good R-W-E-Q and tank 2-3 turrets hit if u have to. Your shield is a free turret hit, even more later.

Mid-late game you want to save your ult for either teamfights or picking off a key player (fed vayne) alone in the woods with their pants down. Primary target is AD carry, because of your E effect. Can consider poppin the AP if they got a channel ult but not first target usually.

Malph is amazingly versatile. You could be surprised by the results of building him full AD, the W bonus damage is nasty, with a ult gap closer pop stun and a slow-speed buff ... plus bad teams are brainwashed that you arent killable so they wont touch you before you stomped em like 5 times.

It used to be good at AP-armor caster nuker as well but not so much now.