One of those games... How could I have made a difference?

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We just get stomped into the ground. Enemy team invades and gets 2 kills despite me pinging and warning everyone, then go all mid for the first few mins. I end the game with top cs and second highest level with only 1 death. Lee just stomps all over top lane.

Anything I could have done differently to make this game not a loss, or is it just "one of those games"?

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Feel Tension

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Feel Tension

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I was 9-0 and lost maybe I made the wrong choices while fed or I donno...

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Looking at Wukong and Nocturne, I would say the only way to have avoided a loss there was a dodge...

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Instead of pinging back during the invade, you should have run over to help. Through clever micro and awesome skill usage, pick up a couple of quick kills.

Your teammates are noobs so they would have then followed even though they would be low health. Follow your teammates so when they are killed you can pick up another quick kill before retreating.

Run back to base to quickly pick up a couple of Dorans. With your 3 kills you are now ready to steamroll.

Since the enemy is all going mid, circle around them through the mid brush. They are bad players so they assume you are not there since they cannot see you anywhere on the minimap. Get behind them and lay down the law.

At this point you should be 8-0.

Teleport back to base and pick up boots of mobility. Since you are fed, you will want to chase down and kill all the enemy champions. DO NOT FARM AT ALL. This is important because you have 4 noobs on your team and it is up to you to carry completely and totally. In fact, it might be a good idea to tell your 4 teammates to hang out fountain and go watch TV. They won't do this, because they are noobs. They will feed.

So you have to get quick kills so you have more kills than the enemy team.

Start top and work your way down. Ward the enemy blue to be sure to catch the enemy jungler.

Top should be no problem. Top never wards this early, and they won't expect your Mobility boots yet. Take him down with a good Q and W. Note that your top will probably die also. This is okay, and expected.

Quickly run to mid. Since you were top, mid is pushing, oblivious to your boots. Run in behind him and pick up another kill. You have no teammate in mid so you won't get a teammate killed this time. Your opposing mid will say something like, "WTF how did you get here so fast!" This is expected, and irrelevant.

Run down bot lane. Your bot lane is probably already dead at this point, so nothing to fear here. Pick up a couple of quick kills.

Now. Here is the important part. You should be 12-0 at this point in the game. At 6 minutes in that is pretty good. Buy an IE. Yes. IE. On Lux.

To push towers you need AD. AP won't do it. So get an IE. Start to push mid immediately. You should get the tower down to under half before the jungler shows up at his blue.

Since your lane is pushed, the enemy mid will be occupied. Speed over to the enemy blue and pick up the kill and the blue buff.

With the enemy jungler dead, nothing can stop you from taking the two mid turrets before he resurrects. Also, depending on how good the enemy mid is, you might be able to kill him as well. But a good opponent will simply go back to base and let you have the two towers.

At this point, the enemy team will be considering surrender. But at 10 minutes into the game there is still at least 10 minutes, during which time your team can still throw. So don't let up yet.

Return to base and grab a zeal. Go bot and pick up a couple of quick kills, and push both bot turrets.

Quickly run top and get that kill. You will only be able to take a single top turret, because the enemy team will have 4 champs up and laning phase is over.

This is the dangerous point in the game, but also the time to end it.

Encourage your team to group up. Some of your allies will be reluctant. You might have to swear at them a little bit and tell them that you know where they live. Be careful, this might get you banned. So put a smiley face at the end so the tribunal knows you don't mean it. But your allies will think you mean it so they will group up.

A teamfight will happen. Sit back and let your enemies dominate the 4v5.

After all of your allies are dead, swoop in and use your superior skills/items to ace the enemy team and get the pentakill.

At this point, the enemy team will simply give up. They will start to blame their noob mid, even though of course you beat them all, by yourself. 2 of them will afk in the fountain. A third will be too busy typing insults to be effective. Casually push mid and take the nexus. The game will be over by 20.

Anyways. Sorry it is a bit long. But you did ask what you could do differently. I thought a short incomplete answer might not suffice.