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Cloak n Dagger Gaming - Tourneys Incoming!

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Ânders, owner and captain of Cloak n Dagger Gaming. Recent posts about people looking for an avenue to increase 3v3 popularity have gotten me to the point where I think it's time to get the ball rolling.

CnDgaming.com will be hosting weekly tournaments

This is half to increase the general popularity of TT, but also to increase awareness of the CnD website, the currently highest-viewed 3v3-only fan site on the internet. I will be updating the website massively in the coming week with a minimum of 3 new General Strategy guides, as well as the introduction of 3 Jungle Commentary Videos. I want to not only bring the number of 3v3 players to new heights, but bring existing ones to a quality of play that will bring our gametype into the competitive eSports world in a hurry.

When the time comes nearer for the tourney, expect a Reddit post, a Forum post, in-game contact with prestigious teams, as well as general advert through CnD's site, FB, and Stream.

The one thing remaining is what everyone would like the tournament structure to be; so I pose these questions:

Thank you for your input and I hope to see maximum participants for the first tourney of the Cloak n Dagger Open Series.

You can find out more about CnD at;

P.S. - forgot the most important part; select matches will be shout-casted!

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Standard 3v3 draft pick, I will for sure enter my team