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Still trying to figure out how to build Shaco

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I think he's still relevant in season 3 and I see him getting used in higher elos, but as well all know, playing him late game can be a challenge. I think most of my problems come down to my build. Usually I go:

Boots+3 -> Wriggles -> Avarice Blade -> Bloodthirster -> Statikk Shiv -> GA -> Usually IE or Wit's End
Probably too much lifesteal here and not enough AD? Also very squishy for late game

I'm also wondering how to properly engage with him in late game. A good adc/apc will have proper positioning behind their bruisers, as well as save their escape ability for my incoming attack in team fights. I pretty much have to rely on my team for a hard engage where I can then come in after a short delay to quickly finish a carry. But if we're behind, I don't really know what to do besides throw everything I have on the adc, pop my clone, and try to escape with my Q.

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First understand shaco is early/mid game champ.... late game hes still effective but dont be surprised if you die in team fights. Also i only play him when I have a team in Skype. I played him three times last week and carried hard everytime. My build order is wriggles>avarice blade>statik shiv> IE>hydras and its been wrecking. When you go for ganks deceive in a good ways behind the champ and lay down a box then shiv and go to town. Hes a ganking champ and needs kills... thats why i only play him when I have a team in skype.

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Build him AD, build attack speed and wriggles.

Counterjungle before 6-7, then go solo dragon with a pink.

Splitpush lategame, make sure your team pushes with you, cause if you do get caught to a 5 man gank you should get 1-2 towers out of it.