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call order > calling it? sort of... problem solved!

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the "call order vs calling it" issue is something that seems to plague elo hell (where i live). Often the first few people to pick will get the position they want or second pick. the rest of the team is regularly doomed to play a position they are weak in. when this happens the whole game is spent with everyone *****ing at each-other for one reason or another and no one has a good time. there must be a better way....

talking about it in chat is the best way to settling things but time is limited and we can't always discuss things before the time counter is finished.

i've heard some people say that they should be able to set a little icon that says their best positions by their name "jungler or adc"... but positions are part of the meta-game, which can quickly change. developers aren't going to waste their time with something like that knowing that the meta could change overnight.

what i suggest is that we are given a small amount of text that will be displayed when someone hovers their cursor over our icon during champ selection... sort of like when you hover your mouse over an ability and a little box comes that explains exactly how that ability works. this way we can communicate a bunch of information quickly without wasting a second of time.

this can be controlled in the view/edit summoner profile. it would probably be best to give a few different texts to display depending on the type of game. you wouldn't want the same text to be displayed in a 5v5 ranked as in dominion.

this sort of display box on hover would allow people to announce that they are best at adc or mid, bad at jungle but like to start at red first when they jungle. so much can be done as far as strategizing if this were to be implemented.

here is a mock-up of what i mean (http://lancethunder.com/lol/hoverbox.jpg)