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S3 online qualifier Jan. 4/5

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Okay Riot, once again I'm looking for information and your doing a rather clumsy job of things. Yesterday morning scarra replies to my reddit post hinting that we could watch the action this weekend but he couldn't really say more, yesterday evening RiotTiza takes to Twitter saying no streaming is happening. A few hours later RiotMagus gets on the reddit and says that directed camera streams will be available for as many as we can. I'm hoping that most or all matches will be streamed in one form or another, from a company that has some chronic shoulder problems due to patting itself on the back about how its ALL ABOUT ESPORTS I actually expect all these matches to be streamed in some fashion. I know its a qualifier for a qualifier but your all about esports and this is esports. You designed this awkward and clunky Path to Pro, now turn on the spotlights.

So here we are roughly 30 hours before the qualifier. All I can find are some unofficial listings of the teams/players involved on reddit and a general idea about when the matches will take place from reddit. No official list of teams/players and certainly no bracket showing the matchups and no details about how the tournament ends, will you play it all the way out and use the placement from this to help determine seeding for the offline qualifier or will you stop when you get to eight teams and worry about the bracket for the offline event later?

I'm sure you are busy and this is difficult to put together but by now you really should be ahead of this. You don't even have to make your own webpage for this stuff, the fine people at Leaguepedia and probably 5 other websites would love to do it for you if you just get the information together and make it available. So Riot, what's up? Find a flashlight and shine some light on things.