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Fun Fan fic game

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You have to write a fan fic based on the Champion you last played. No nsfw and make it short

"Blood for Noxus," Katarina screamed as she drove her dagger into the steel armour of Volibear. As her summoner comnanded she waited in the top brush for any unlucky enemy that walked by. Her summoner spoke, "Katarina the other summoners are going fir Baron, you must create a distraction." With that she ran as quickly as she could to mid lane. "Death by my hand," she heard Darius's voice in the brush, she was suddenly pulled in by the egnormous axe, with quick reaction she released a surge of blades into the enemy team, one by one. " PENTA KILL," eched through the arena as her victims bodies fell.

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Hmm...I like the idea but I'm not sure if this should be here or in the forum games section. At any rate.

Ezreal, donning his Pulsfire suit as he quite frequently did, decided to head toward top lane this time instead of the usual bot lane. Seeing his opponent, Volibear, in sights, he shot out an energy beam straight into the bear's eye. This caught him and the summoner controling the bear by suprise. Ezreal continued to poke his aggressor down.

Once Volibear had enough of the constant harassment, he decided to charge at Ezreal. Such a foolish idea. Without even thinking, Ezreal Shifted out of Volibear's grip just as he was about to flip him, and hit another energy bolt, hitting the bear straight in his heart. He fell to the ground in a groan as the words "First Blood" rang over the field. Ezreal coyly smirked at his accomplishment, exclaiming only one line: "That was a true display of skill," before heading back.

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(I'd recommend against the whole God-moding the OP did and do something a bit less self-satisfying and more actual story based.)


"Excelsior!" Tristana yelled into the big, blue sky as she sailed through the air and allowing gravity to grasp her and pull her down. Her Gunner's armor, and her 'Hand' Cannon giving her extra weight, accelerated her downward.

The kinetic energy that spread out from the contact zone sent a shockwave through the ground which left Ezreal off balance.

"Fire in the hole!" Tristana screamed as her Buster Shot let forth an almost blinding flash, aimed at the opposing champion, the munitions collided with the vagabond, exploded some more, and tossed him straight into his team's turret.

"How's that for energy chain reactions, pansy man!" Tristana squealed with a toothy smirk as she turned and ran as the Explosive Shot she had let him have the instant she landed, took off the last of his strength and sent him back to the fount of his team.

"Victory!" she screamed again the summoners announced her shutting down Ezreal's killing streak. While Tristana herself did not believe in revenge, it was certainly nice to take the human down a peg.

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Near the peak of Mount Targon lay a temple built on an outcropping built of marble and decorated in sunbursts. The wintry, mountain air was warmed by the high noon sun, her gaze shining down on the Temple of the Solari as dozens her followers took advantage of the weather to finally get out into the world a little. Snow still clung to the ground and shined from the peaks of the mountain range surrounding.

But not all were out enjoying the unusually nice weather. One in particular, a young follower who had only just grown into womanhood, sat in the quiet and empty library, wearing the same brown and gold robes typical of many Solari, with a stack of books at hand, one she was wrapped up in.

"Are you still in here pouring over old books?" a voice asked suddenly, giving her quite a start. "You should take the time to go outside. It's really quite lovely right now, but it won't last long this time of year."

The young woman let out a breath and relaxed. It was only the librarian's monk, a middle-aged man who spent his years caring for the many, many books the temple had acquired over the years. She replied softly, "I didn't feel much like going outside..."

The monk chuckled as he walked over to give her shoulder a soft squeeze, "You'll never learn to fit in if you don't join your fellow followers every now and then."

She looked away, unsure of how to answer.

"Ah, I'm interrupting I'm sure, but do try to get out there sometime today," he let go of her and started his way to disappear back into the bookshelves again, "The books will still be here when the weather is not so good!"

She watched him leave, and quietly replied, "I'll try..."

After his footsteps had faded, she took the bookmark ribbon and pulled the dusty tome open to another page. She drew her candle closer to let more candlelight reflect silvery light from an illustration on its pages and from her long hair. She didn't know why, perhaps it was just because of its shape, but she felt strangely drawn to it, like somehow it might be an answer to some of the questions she had. She ran her pale fingers over it in wonder.

It was the image of a two-handed khopesh, in the shape of a crescent moon.

"Really, Diana, you should get out there," the monk said as his head peered around a corner.

Diana shut her book rapidly in surprise, calmed herself down again, and finally looked him in the eye with her light blue eyes. His smile seemed so sincere she couldn't help but make a rare smile herself, "Alright already, you win."