About to get BANNED!

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So, just played a game. 5v5. Starts out in lobby. I call top. No one else calls it or acts like they want it. Last 10 seconds of lobby. Someone (what I assume was random) picks Darius. Says nothing. No time to react.. I just stick with top pick.

Game starts up. I go top. Darius runs by red... around mid... lands in my top bush. W\e... 2 top isn't that bad. Wish I didn't have to split XP but it's ok. I'll live.

Minion spawn. I am running back and forth looking for the first last hit available. Darius still in bushes. I see the first minion get low and I move in. Darius walks out of bush and BOOM spins. Takes that CS leaves at least 3 more low.. no way to get them all before other minions finish. I get one CS he gets one CS and the wave is gone. Not a good start. I say "Darius don't just auto attack and steal all the CS". No response.

2nd wave. I hit the other player with some harass. They get low. >BTW both of us were teemo's< I ping the other teemo now around 250 hp. I'm sitting comfortable at 320hp. I run in. That teemo is building more ad teemo than I. I get my blind off and he starts to lower but I am getting low as well. Darius is full hp in bush and spinning around on the last 2 minions... missing the cs. He doesn't come in until I start to run with about 50 hp. Darius yanks the other teemo in closer. He gets a blind on me. I drop. Then he chases teemo into turret to finish. He B.

Game starts to progress. I'm pissed. This Darius didn't call anything in lobby. Comes to my lane I called and could have handled fine. Messes up all of the CS. Literally makes it so that our combined CS is still less than the other teemo. I am one that usually goes 6/6 on minion waves when I don't have others hitting minions. This really irritated me. I start to vent to team to try and get them to talk to Darius. You can't win a game with someone who is stealing feed just to run solo mode.

They get on me like it's my fault. So I said **** it. If no one here really thinks the META matters and people can just go FFA, then I will take my teemo mid. Where I can carry quite well and have done in the past with teemo. The current mid was off bot or something. I push tower I do well. Team arrives and we actually got mid. Then the opposing team starts to chase us down. But we had more players visible and more HP. So I ping the other team and throw a blind on the Ashe ADC from other team. Some people turn around and we get to first real team fight.

First team fight, all present but Darius. He is still running away. It's a 4v4... one of there players had just B with almost no HP but Darius was still running away. I get focus'd because I shot first and and I was doing quite a bit of dmg. As soon as I die. Darius turns and comes in the fight. R R R R R... you know the Darius drill (I really hate these kinds of Darius' players and they give Darius a bad name and make him seem useless but I'll save that rage).

Anyway. I'm going to cut to it. The Darius that is stealing kills and running around solo mode ends up with a score of about 15/6/1. I have a score of 1/10/17. I also have a ton of CS from tele to towers with fat minion waves and dropping shrooms on the center. I am pretty sure that after I left Darius in lane my CS started to climb rapidly and by 30min I was looking at about 150cs and my team was all less than 100. Which really says a lot about the kinds of people I am playing with here.

Then Darius opens his mouth and says, "OMG report noob Teemo for feeding". At this point, I'm like wtf... 1/10 may look like feeding but considering I am the only one defending turrets and most of my deaths were the result of a 4v4 or 4v5 team fight where I got focused because you (most tanky player on team) decide you are better off coming in late fight and spamming R. The whole team gets on me and I start to rage. Sorry, I'm not a god... when I have 4 people bashing me because I am trying to play this game and win... I freak out. This is why I think I will get banned. Post game lobby.

All players saw this game happen. Other team full on my side... "No way teemo was fine not reporting" My team... "OMG TEEMO SO NOOB REPORT ONLY REASON WE LOST OMG OMG OMG OMG".

I could go into details on this match and how they would all run 1 by 1 into the FoW and knowing someone else just got 1v5 in that same jungle location, they will run in and get owned.. then go in all chat and QQQQQ teemo fed them and that's why I can't 1v5 in jungle.

I have this feeling.. That because I said **** you Darius at one point. I am going to get banned. After all I had the lower K\D and that makes me noob in Tribunals eyes. They are only required to look for a short time before voting. So what do they do... look at KD look at reports "PUNISH!".

Just coming on here to push this ahead of time. If I get banned I'll be back on the forums. Never back on the game. If I get banned again. I will move MOBAs.. I may quit MOBAs. I don't know. All I know is this "community" is severely lacking. When 4 out of 5 people are grouping up on the only one following the summoners code and pretending to be the best players ever while just running rampantly around the map, it's time the real MOBA players leave this community and find one not so overgrown with straight up 100% noobs.

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If you get a reform card, will be happy to talk. Untill then I hope you enjoyed ranting and blowing off a little steam, but without the card everything is just word-of-mouth.

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its just one game you shouldnt get banned

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I can help you out here. What you need to do is press "q" twice. Right now.