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Udyr's changes...An escalating story...

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Read at your own risk!
(I know its long but its funny)

It all began...with a simple link...


Then...it grew...and grew until it could barely be kept contained...and now i bring you this story of imaginative greatness and impossible dreams.

Oniii (2:00): will it stack?

Xephnos (2:00): I think so

Oniii (2:00): i still don't like it y'know

Xephnos (2:00): I feel like it will

Oniii (2:01): i'd rather it be like every time he uses a stance he gets x% increased att speed, x% increased Armor and MR and flat MS
cuz he still has a LOT of problems ganking early on,
with no flash like other champs (lee sin)
and its just a 1 sec stun.

Xephnos (2:02): WE WANT OLD UDYR

Oniii (2:02): **** YEAH!

Xephnos (2:02): <_<

Oniii (2:02):

Xephnos (2:02): At the SAME TIME

Oniii (2:02): YEAAAAH

Xephnos (2:02): No cool down

Oniii (2:02): nope

Xephnos (2:03): And every time you use it it consumes less mana

Oniii (2:03): when u use it it also grants 100 crit strike, 100 crit dmg and grants u 100 gold per activation
as you level it up the gold value increases by 50
too far?

Xephnos (2:04): No no..WE MUST KEEP GOING
Everytime you activate it, a stack of 100% lifesteal will activate...stacking at up to 10 times
Once you get to 3 stacks

Oniii (2:05): IT DOUBLES

Xephnos (2:06): You have a 99.98% chance to stun everyone around your target for 5 seconds, and your target for 10

Oniii (2:06): the stun amount multiplies x2 for every 3 stacks

Xephnos (2:06): LOL
Also, the range increases from Baron/Dragon, till the spawn, at max stacks

Oniii (2:07): at 18 stacks, udyr can no longer be affected by crowd control, he gains a 95% dmg reduction from all sources and gains a new walk...ez's flash
Xephnos (2:07): LOL

Oniii (2:07): LOOOOOL

Xephnos (2:08): Upon activation of this flash, which has a 0.00005 sec cooldown
All enemies in the map will get struck by a meteor shower

Oniii (2:08): And recieve true dmg equal to 1000% of their max hp

Xephnos (2:08): 1 shotting baron, dragon, and every minion, plus half of the nexus' HP

Oniii (2:09): lmfao
That's just the active toggle...
as a passive of reaching 18 stacks

Xephnos (2:09): It's been said, that this Udyr is more dangerous than a wild Garen

Oniii (2:09): udyr gains 3 spawn turrets
that do AOE dmg
and surround him for the duration of the game
even when he starts a new game

Xephnos (2:11): After not attacking for a short duration, Udyr summons gyarados' which grants him all of the above stacks and effects if an enemy champion is 60000000 meters too close
Udyr has won games in no more than 5 minutes

Oniii (2:11): Even if udyr were to afk during the game, upon defeat of the team udyr is in, the enemy loses instead

Xephnos (2:12): LOL

Oniii (2:12): if two udyrs were to encounter each other
Riot servers would crash
and the world would end

Xephnos (2:12): Udyr's hidden passive is Venemous Silencer. Upon receiving hits that lower his HP from 100%, everyone in the map is silenced
Stunned after

Oniii (2:13): Snared

Xephnos (2:13): And lit with 10 ignites
One after the other

Oniii (2:13): and finally brutally slowed with a disable so powerful that they walk backwards
upon the end of the slow, the enemy then becomes feared

Oniii (2:14): and the fear automatically redirects them towards your spawn, and it cannot be worn out until the champion is dead
activating cleanse will only increase the duration of this effect even after death

Xephnos (2:14): Granting Udyr every kill
And decreasing the gold the enemy has
As well as magically granting the enemy kill streaks
500 extra G everytime they die.

(feel free to add your own ridiculous details of udyr's ultimate buff)

Now hate on me! Ya dirty scallywags! I NEEDS THE DOWNVOTES!

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