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Riot Servers

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This was originally an email I sent to Riot but it took them a week to reply, telling me basically that they won't answer and I should post on the forums.
As I post this, I can not play a custom game with my friends because League will not start up the game. Everyone is having the same issue in the game.

"I am a fairly new player to League of Legends. I started playing around the middle of S2 and I have loved playing. I think the frequent updates are nice. I like how Riot supports the game's community by sponsoring tournaments and cash prizes. It really builds a great community. With that being said I will move on to my main purpose for writing.
I am absolutely disgusted in the quality of the game servers. I am not an idiot when it comes to technology and things like this. I know there is a ton of traffic that Riot's servers have to maintain because it is such an immensely popular game. None-the-less, I see Riot giving away, literally millions of dollars to teams that win in tournaments. That is great for those teams and all but what I have always failed to understand is how a company can manage it's money so horribly. Millions are given to players and none are spent on servers? As I write this, my friends and I are attempting to connect through a hundred-thousand person queue just to find an "error" upon logging in. I wish I could say this was a rare occurrence. At least once a week the NA server decides to nearly shut down and everybody's game lags like no other. Between that and the all-together down time of the servers, there is a great deal of frustration created with players such as myself.

I appreciate Riot's ideals of wanting to listen to the community who love their game so much but if the community loves it so much, why are you guys making the game damn-near unplayable for us?
Thanks for reading this,
-Disappointed customer"

I am sure I will get the mass of down votes or whatever it's called here. Keep in mind I am not posting this out of anger from dumb reasons, I am not mad because I was banned or anything. I am not mad because I "suck". I am mad because basic needs seem to be ignored by Riot.

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While I agree it's frustrating, you've overstating how often it happens. Though it does happen far more often than most other online games.