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[Partial Remake] Sion isn't a "Dark Champion"

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NOTE: If this thread doesn't belong under this topic, could a mod please move it.
Note2: Don't make any jokes about the title. I know Sion is the undead champion.

As mentioned by Riot staff, Sion wields a huge axe, but ends up killing most enemies with magic. Even though Sion can also run an AD build, his severe weakness to kiting causes his AD play to be very weak compared to other champions. My suggestion for his remake involves removing the viability of AP Sion and instead giving better scaling toward a tanky bruiser Sion instead.

While I know many players adore playing an AP Sion, it is unviable in serious play and feels more like a gimmick build when considering Sion's champion concept and appearance.

tl;dr: Sion isn't a magician, he is "The Undead Champion"

Passive analysis: Sion's passive, Feel no Pain, helps him take low autoattack damage from attacks. While this skill gives Sion an edge over auto attack champions and carries, the passive seriously falls off as it does not scale very well. In addition, players will seldom feel the benefits of this passive, essentially turning this passive into more of a plus than a passive for Sion.

My suggestion: Change the passive to trigger every few seconds (about 15 and scales with CDR). When the passive is active, Sion gains tenacity and takes 25% reduced damage from all sources until Sion loses 10% of his maximum health in less than 5 seconds. Lifesteal effects undo the damage counted toward this passive (ie: Taking 100 damage and then lifestealing it back within the 5 seconds will not count toward the damage threshold on this passive). This passive will allow Sion to shrug off incoming disables better and keep to his target easier. The damage requirement to remove the passive will force enemy champions to decide whether to focus Sion or a carry instead. In addition, Sion's shield synergizes perfectly with this ability by allowing Sion to maintain the tenacity and damage reduction bonuses for much longer.

(Q - Cryptic Gaze) analysis: Cryptic gaze is a simple, but dangerously effective Q for Sion. It adds extra damage and greatly helps Sion and his team engage on targets. However, the pure AP scaling encourages players to build Sion as a pure caster, which destroys the purpose of Sion's thematic look and title as "The Undead Champion".

My suggestion: Remove a chunk of the AP scaling and add HP scaling onto the ability. This will encourage players to play a tankier Sion and will also synergize well with his E's health gain passive.

(W - Death's Caress) analysis: Sion's second famous ability. This move appears to fit thematically and strategically for Sion, but the pure AP scaling encourages players to build Sion as a bursty mage who shields onto an enemy then runs away until the shield comes off cooldown. I don't think it fits Sion well and turns Sion into more of a mage than a fighter.

My suggestion: Lower the shield strength and AP scaling and instead allow Sion's auto attacks to regenerate the shield while it is up (about 10% damage to shield conversion). In addition to that, perhaps have the shield's cooldown become refreshed when Sion kills an enemy champion. Thee changes encourage players to jump into battle and slash away at enemy champions, rewarding Sion with improved defenses. This change gives Sion the feel of a tank, but the damage of a bruiser. Note that Sion cannot regenerate the shield beyond its initial shield power.

(E - Enrage) analysis: Enrage is an often forgotten skill in Sion's kit due to the fact AP Sion skills this last. The damage boost from this skill is enormous and the passive hp bonuses are even better. I actually think this skill is fine with the changes I have suggested for everything else.

My suggestion: Minor tweak to this ability to compensate for the changes of Sion's other abilities. My suggested changes should make this skill much more useful and viable for any Sion build.

(R - Cannibalism) analysis: This skill makes Sion a very deceptively dangerous champion. The huge lifesteal bonus for Sion and his allies make this skill perfect for a fighter Sion build, but near useless for AP Sion. With my changes to remove pure AP Sion, this ability will regain its effectiveness and allow Sion to maintain his passive thanks to Lifesteal counter-acting the damage threshold of his passive. The only thing holding this skill back is Sion's weakness to kiting. Sion's Q is his only real way to catch up to champions but even then, Sion will only have enough time to land 1 or 2 basic attacks.

My suggestion: Lower the attackspeed given by this ability to about 25%, but cause the attackspeed to gradually increase for each second that Sion has not made an auto attack (ie: for every 1 second between auto attacks, the attackspeed boost increases by about 5% for the remainder of the duration and stacking up to 75%). This change will turn Sion into a serious threat in fights. The overall attackspeed bonus is weaker at the start, but kiting Sion now means Sion will hit that much harder if he catches you. The change will force enemies to decide between challenging Sion and his incredible lifesteal, shield, and damage, or instead kite Sion and give him a lethal attackspeed boost if he manages to catch a chamion. Sion players would now want to built bruiser type items and skill his E and W over his Q in game.

I really think these changes to Sion will help him live up to his title as "The Undead Champion" and also maintain his simple but dangerous playstyle as well.

Overall changes: My suggestion focuses on removing most of AP Sion's viability and instead focusing on a more AD bruiser oriented Sion. Sion now relies and fighting in combat for as long as possible, sustaining off his regenerating shield and ultimate while using his passive to ignore most indirect DPS and CC.