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The problem i see with picking order instead of calling roles

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Causing Panic

Senior Member


Now im not the type of person that will start a fight over a role, most of the time i play the role no one wants to play (excluding adc, only because my adc skills match that of a 500 elo player ) but i know in the summoner agreement they say the higher picks get the roles they want and the lower picks pretty much have to fill roles... but...

the problem with this is, if you ever duo qued with someone in ranked you find that most of the time you are first pick while your friend is last pick, which gives you the chance to play any role you want every game because your "first pick" which i dont think is fair to the people that are solo queing since most people arent like me any dont always want to fill..

So pretty much i was wondering what all of your thoughts and views on this subject

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The 1011

Junior Member


Ok here is My idea I have been Trying to get it out there because the picking wars are getting old.

When you start out playing a team game in school usually there is 2 captains and they choose who is on their team. First you choose in your profile who you play and where you main position you have 5 champions and your secondaries you get up to 2-3 and the option to not play certain lanes like bot mid or jungle.
Then next concept except at the start of the banning process you would see what everyone likes to play, and ban from there then the picking process would be the same from there except the captain would pick who is on their team maybe the captain would pick someone that is willing to plays as a support, over someone that only plays top and mid.
If only certain people have certain champions in their profile how will that change the bans or even the meta? The captain would have more risk and more rewards from winning and also more penalty from losing compared to the non-captains.