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[SUGGESTION]- Preferred Role When Queueing for Ranked

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Wuju Lord

Senior Member


It is extremely likely that someone, somewhere has already thrown this idea out, but World of Warcraft's Dungeon finder system gives players the ability to select the role they wish to play as, be it either Tank, Dps, Or Healer.

Why can't we have a similar system? A choice of Solo Top, Mid, Jungle, Adc, Support, or Bottom lane can be available.

Or to take it a step further, possibly a selection to queue for ranked without a jungle. I get raged at for this, but a bad jungler can lose people games, and I find that sometimes it is better to not have one.

This would fix SO MANY ISSUES with people arguing over which role they want to be in the very short time you have to talk in chat while selecting your champions.

PLEASE ADD THIS. I don't play ranked because of a lack of order like this, but i really wish to start... if this is added, it would make things better.